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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Glamping sites have until end-2025 to meet development rules, says Nga


Nga Kor Ming says it will be reasonable for the government to shut down a campsite if the technical report considers the area ‘dangerous’. (The Tribe Glamping pic)

PETALING JAYA: The local government development ministry has given glamping sites until the end of 2025 to meet development regulations before it takes legal action against them, which includes imposing fines.

Its minister, Nga Kor Ming, said the moratorium period for normal camping sites would end in 2026.

“For example, if you have asked the mineral and geoscience department to check your place under the guidelines, and the technical report shows the place is considered ‘extremely dangerous’, then you should do the next best thing and move,” Sin Chew Daily quoted Nga as saying.

“We won’t help you make that adjustment.

“According to the standard operating procedures, the ministry will review a campsite half a year before its permit expires.

“If the site does not meet the requirements, we will give them the last six months to make any changes necessary.”

Nga said it would be perfectly reasonable for the government to shut down a campsite if the technical report considered the area “dangerous”.

He said he would be tabling guidelines for campsites during the Cabinet meeting tomorrow before holding a press conference to announce details of the document.

Asked if the government would give campsite operators an allowance to update their facilities, he said the government could help build basic infrastructure like roadways, as most campsites are located in remote areas.

Glamping, unlike the more traditional camping, involves providing additional facilities like running water and proper beds to provide more comfort and luxury. - FMT

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