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10 APRIL 2024

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Anak Raja Melayu dan Anak Raja Melayu Bygone

Hantu Laut

"Tunku Aziz ialah bekas naib presiden DAP. DAP memandan
tinggi Tunku Aziz.Sejak meniggalkan DAP, Tunku Aziz bertugas
sebagai algojo bagi pihak UMNO.Kerja nya 24 jam menghentam
DAP.DAP tidak pernah mencerca nya semenjak berpisah.Hanya 
ahli DAP yang tak seberapa seperti saya sahaja yang rasa perlu menyanggah tindakan Tunku Aziz."

Excerpt from SakmongkolAK47's "Anak Raja Melayu dan DAP" Read more.

I am not sure what to make out of his broadside attack of Tunku Aziz when he had done worst against his former party UMNO. Almost all of his writings are malodorous blitzkrieg against his former party and Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. Not a single day pass by without him spurting venom against UMNO or Najib. 

Here's one on Najib.

This must be the archetypal  "pot calling the kettle black."

Like most pro-opposition writers they reckon only they have the privilege to deploy their foul and filthy attacks on their political opponents, the other side should not have the privilege to do so, should not be accorded the same freedom of speech and should not retaliate if under attacks.

For the 'anak raja Melayu' born with the silver spoon who wants to join DAP or any other political party for that matter, if your genetic constitution is of the higher order, my advice is do think twice,  you'll be dealing with uncouth leadership bereft of good manners, which the Tunku soon found out to his great dismay, rudely awaken by the "Little Emperor" that rule over the tiny blob called 'Pearl Of The Orient, or as Mahathir once said "Rubbish of the Orient"

I do agree with Sakmongkol there is absolutely nothing wrong for a Malay prince to join DAP or any other political party, but it is of convention and expected of the prince that he ends his princely role with the royal household should he decides to take active role in politics. 

In Malaysia, 'convention'  is a word amiss, certainly not in the political lexicon.

Tunku Zain is "Anak Raja Melayu", Tunku Aziz is "Anak Raja Melayu"  

If necessity is the mother of all invention than experience is the mother of all teachings. Maybe, Tunku Aziz had eaten more salt and knew better.

For SakmongkolAK47,  since he is all huff and puff about UMNO having lost majority Malay support, I hope DAP will reciprocate his good work of soiling his former party by making him a suitable candidate in a Malay majority area.

As they say "as you make your bed, so you must lie in it."

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