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22 May 2024

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stupid is as stupid does

Fake NRD letter
Fake NRD letter
It is shameful that Opposition leaders continue to blatantly lie and treat the Malaysian public like idiots, especially the fake “RM 207 billion blood money obtained from Japan for the ‘Burmese Death Railway’ as a compensation” is so fresh. Another lie is brewing in the Opposition sinister kitchen.

PAS veep: Uncollected MyKad, MyKid sent to Sabah?

Zulaikha Zulkifli • Jan 30, 13 3:28PTG
PAS vice-president Mahfuz Omar has asked the National Registration Department (NRD) and the Home Ministry to explain an apparent directive to send uncollected MyKads and MyKids to Sabah.
“I am concerned that these identity cards, which should be destroyed, are being given to foreigners to allow them to vote,” the Pokok Sena MP told at a press conference today.
Mahfuz (right) claimed that the directive was issued to all state NRD directors and districts in a letter dated Dec 14, 2012, stating that any MyKad and MyKid that was not collected within 18 months should be sent to Keningau, Sabah.
Reading out the contents of the letter, Mahfuz said the documents are to be sent to Keningau to be updated, and then returned to the NRD headquarters in Putrajaya.
“I want to know how many of the MyKad and MyKid have not been claimed to date. The NRD has to (provide details of the documents) which have been collected,” he said.
However, Mahfuz could not ascertain the authencity of the letter, which was posted to him by unknown individual.
He pointed out that the address in Keningau which is stated in the letter is suspicious.
“The (identity) cards should be sent to the address below: Taman Andika 8, Lot 17, 89000, Keningau, Sabah. Is this the address of the NRD office at Keningau?
“I demand explanations. The government should announce it because this thing is very suspicious,” he repeated.
The Pokok Sena MP reiterated Pakatan Rakyat’s demand for a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) to address the issue of citizenship or issance of MyKad to immigrants nationwide.
“I had exposed it in April 2012, but people thought it was not serious. But what has been admitted in the Sabah RCI is what I have exposed. Not only did it happen in Sabah, but also in the peninsula.
“The authenticity of the electoral roll of the peninsula is also doubtful. That’s why we want a RCI not only in Sabah, but for the whole nation.
“I urge the government to establish a new RCI immediately to enable investigations to be conducted before the Parliament is dissolved.”
If Mahfuz demanding that the Home Ministry respond to these preposterous allegations based on this letter, then for the sake of majority of fair minded level headed Malaysians he should commit himself for a psychological evaluation.
This is because like the “Memorandum from Treasury on the RM 207 billion”, this letter is fake. Sources within confirmed that the letter is fake and doesn’t exist.
Probably Mahfuz is unable to differentiate between a genuine letter issued by a bona fide senior officer of a Federal Government agency and a fake one. Then again, highly likely that the PAS Vice President easily be fooled with a letter written by an incurable drug addict high on sniffing glue who is also an illegal alien and only able to speak conversational pigeon Malay.
Political stunts must have limits. The Opposition leaders’ persistent lies one after another the past five years have reached insulting the Malaysian public’s intelligence. Starting with ‘Datin Sri Rosmah’s involvement in Altantuyaa Shaaribuu’s murder’, ‘Refuge in Turkish Embassy: Anwar’s life threatened’, “Submarines cannot dive’, ‘RM 24 million ring’, ‘PM Najib’s request to ATM service Chiefs for coup d’etat‘, ‘Omega watch in Wan Azizah’s safe keep’ and the list is endless.
Malaysians are tired with all these political stunts. The nation must be protected from over-politicking due to unsubstantiated claims and blatant lies. - bigdogdotcom

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