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Thursday, January 31, 2013


The Bastard Former Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz
By Admin

The Scribe calls this former Malaysian Chief Justice Bastard who spews maggots from his mouth. This religious bigot should have never set on The Bench. This Bastard Ahmad Fairuz says that Allah can only be used by Muslims and that non Muslims who raise this issue are out to cause trouble. This comes hot on the heels of the other bloody moronic bastards from JAKIM who are now on a 'crusade' to thwart Valentines Day celebrations in Malaysia. These pea brained bastards even have the audacity to say that Valentines Day is a Christian celebration that promotes sexual promiscuity.  All these is going on with the blessings of the Satanic BN/Umno Regime of Najib Razak. These idiots talk about Muslim sensitivities but forget that others have their sensitivities too. What a bunch of retards!

Against such a backdrop, The Scribe calls on all Christians especially Church Leaders in Malaysia to boycott the Satanic BN/Umno Regime and stop allowing themselves to be tools of the Regime. The Scribe calls on Church Leaders to return their Titles ie. Datuk, Tan Sri as a sign of protest. After all Scripture says , "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's." (Mark 12:17)

The following was written by Francis Y Manickam in theMALAYSIA CHRONICLE

I'm incensed when I read Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali urging Muslims in this country to seize and burn Malay Bibles. So where are they going to seize those bibles from? From our houses? Or from our churches? Or do you expect us to surrender the Bibles to them when they come knocking on our doors?

Where are you now, Bishop? You accompanied the Prime Minister and his wife to the Vatican to visit Pope Benedict XVI on July 18 2011 supposedly to foster cordial ties with the Christian community here.

" read here MNI 18/7/11 ...The Malaysian Insider understands the Prime Minister's personal visit is to help repair frayed ties arising from the Catholic Church's legal suit to use 'Allah' to refer to the Christian God in its Bahasa Malaysia Publication. The case is pending in court of Appeals after the church won the right in the High Court on Dec 31 2009. Today Najib formalized ties between" Malaysia and the Vatican "  What sincere ties have been formulated for the Christians in Malaysia? Since you arranged the visit, you should know how sincere was Najib to the Christians and answer them. The fact is, it has been 18 months since you visited the Pope with Najib, and till today you have not disclosed how much ground we have achieved. We are back to ground zero from the fateful day when Churches were torched and vandalized all for the sake of' Allah' in the Bible. 

Was your visit with the premier a sightseeing trip on tax payers money? Did you fool us - the innocent church goers and lay people? The Malay Bible is an integral part in our homes, as you know our children were schooled in National Schools and are proficient in Bahasa Malaysia, rather then English.

Then, we have our brothers from Sabah and Sarawak who only speak and read the Malay language. We have Bahasa Malaysia masses for them here in Peninsula Malaysia, so can we allow Ibrahim Ali and his people to seize our Bibles and burn them?   You as our Bishop and the head of our church must react and give us an answer. You must 'face off' with Najib on this matter since you know him better and negotiate on behalf of us - the Malaysian Christians - to leave us alone to practice our faith without any hindrance and stress. 

Please don't compromise like what you did when you allowed religious paraphernalia to be removed during Najib's visit to your place one Christmas. We have not forgotten that and it hurts till today when we know you compromised on our belief.

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