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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Malaysian judiciary ROYALLY SCREWED UP by Najib, Umno, AG, Law minister & the CJ!

M'sian judiciary ROYALLY SCREWED UP by Najib, Umno, AG, Law minister & the CJ!
The offensive article that was reproduced on Perkasa's website and hit the Judiciary for a whacking six into outer space and into utter disrepute was originally penned by Zainuddin Salleh (ZS), under the heading “Kes Saman Utusan: Makhamah Malaysia Bodoh Jika Anwar Menang.” It first appeared on his blog ob21.net. Someone is surely guilty of one of the most cowardly and reprehensible attacks that has ever been directed at the Malaysian Judiciary.
Only the 1988 sacking of the Lord President of the Federal Court of Malaysia (a title changed later to Chief Justice) Tun Salleh Abbas (TSA) in 1988, orchestrated by then Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, ranks worse in undermining the Constitution, Separation of Powers and in invoking a Hitler Nazi Party type ambush on the independence of our Judges and the Judicial system.
A couple of years ago, Mahathir claimed he was forced in 1988 to bring down the LP TSA via the device of a Commonwealth (Kangaroo) Tribunal, because the Agong (King) had been miffed over TSA's complaints about the disturbing noise emanating from renovations and construction work taking place at the Palace situated behind the Courts!
That is as believable as the Pope being a Muslim!
In fact, it is now clear that Mahathir had illegally demanded the resignation of TSA when he refused to convene a panel packed with 5 Mahathir-favoured Judges as illegally ordered by Mahathir (as opposed to a full panel of 9), to hear the appeal regarding UMNO having been declared illegal by the High Court. Mahathir thus provoked what is known in our legal history as the 'Constitutional Crisis.' Mahathir was a desperate man fighting for his life and was prepared to be ruthless! Refer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salleh_Abas.
ZS's 'attack is the best form of defence' over-the-top blitzkreig and attempted mugging of Judge VT Singam related to his then pending decision over the Anwar Ibrahim vs Utusan Melayu newspaper defamation case. Anwar had sued Utusan for RM50 million for publishing an article which claimed that in a BBC interview, he had said he promoted gay and lesbian rights.
The ZS article, besides being in complete contempt of court:-
1. Asserted that Judge VT Singam usually favoured Opposition politicians.
2. Found it strange that at age 50, Judge VT Singam was still a bachelor.
3. Questioned whether it was possible that Judge VT Singam would rule in favour of Anwar, given that Singam may himself have found Malaysia's anti-homosexual laws too restrictive, possibly for his life-style choice. (Implying that Judge VT Singam may have homosexual tendencies or was a practising homosexual).
4. Declared that if Judge VT Singam ruled in favour of Anwar, that it would confirm there was something odd (pelik) with our judiciary system and its claims as to being fair, impartial and independent.
In the face of such an audacious, scandalous, outrageous and scurrilously vicious assault on a sitting judge who was due to make a ruling on a case, how did our Chief Justice, Attorney General, Minister for Law and Prime Minister Najib Tun Razal respond?
Why, with appallingly predictable absolute silence and inaction of course!
This confirms that UMNO/BN is a rogue administration under the leadership of an equally suspect Najib, that refuses, despite provocation after provocation, and now blatant contempt of court, to act against these kinds of seditious acts, thus placing their perpetrators even above the Constitution and our Rulers.
Such a state of anarchy cannot be allowed to continue. More so, since the call by Ibrahim Ali to burn Malay or Jawi worded Bibles has not been condemned by UMNO and no action taken by the AG. Compare this to the national outrage demonstrated here (and rightly so) against USA's Pastor Terry Jones' threat to burn the Koran. Or the AG and his minions charging Karpal Singh with sedition with their now infamous doublespeak that while the Constitution does allow for the Sultans to be sued in court, one may not say so publicly!
So, in this era of bluff and counter bluff, one upmanship and brinkmanship, and the likes of Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali talking in schoolboy fashion of 'my father has a longer schlong than yours', let's ask PM Najib, UMNO, the AG, the Minister for Law, the Inspector General of Police and the Chief Justice:
"Would you have let matters rest in elegant silence and cravenly cowardly inaction, if the judge that had been attacked had not been VT Singam, but a Malay judge?"
That's really the acid test. Because currently, there are any number of defamation suits filed against the likes of the STAR, Utusan etc., all UMNO/BN controlled main stream media organizations. Why was VT Singam picked upon in particular? The is a definite element of despicable racism here.
Much to VT Singam's credit and integrity, he stood his ground and delivered a damning verdict against Utusan.
And if, principally, the Chief Justice does not act to defend the integrity of his brethren and the Judiciary, all our judges should resign en masse in protest. The Bar Council should take the lead and call for all lawyers to stand up and be counted.
Extreme right wing political elements in our society are clearly asking our judges:
"Do you have the cojones to challenge us?"
And the Judiciary must not back off an inch.
Balls of Steel, you say? Then show us by action.
Or else, it will be another Tun Salleh Abbas-type mugging and muzzling of the last bastion for the protection of our inalienable Constitutional and human, rights, and the CJ no more than a UMNO/BN baruah office boy!

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