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Thursday, January 31, 2013

COME ON HOME, GUYS: Let's change Malaysia TOGETHER!

COME ON HOME, GUYS: Let's change Malaysia TOGETHER!
Jom Balik Undi campaign urges all Malaysians abroad to fly home to vote in the 13th general elections to ensure a brighter future for Malaysia
We, a group of Malaysians currently living abroad, have organised the Jom Balik Undi (JBU; Malay for “Let’s Go Home and Vote”) campaign to urge all Malaysians abroad to fly home to cast their vote in the upcoming 13th general election to realise the possibility of a cleaner and brighter future for all Malaysians.
The upcoming 13th general election is critical to the future of Malaysia. The possibility for a brand new Malaysia is closer than ever before. Every vote counts.
We Malaysians abroad have a part to play in influencing the results of the 13th general election. We will do this by ensuring the highest possible voter-turnout on Malaysian soil and casting our votes in full force. In doing so, we also minimise the opportunities of electoral fraud and vote tampering on polling day.
This JBU campaign is being conducted notwithstanding the recent proposal by the Election Commission of Malaysia to allow registered voters living abroad to register themselves as postal voters and participate in the coming elections via the postal voting process.
JBU firstly urges Malaysians abroad who can afford the cost to return home to vote, but JBU also urges all Malaysian registered voters who cannot return home to apply to become postal voters as soon as possible.
How to participate in JBU
All Malaysians near and far are urged to participate in the JBU campaign by
1) Taking photos of themselves holding a sign that has their personal message of change and hope written on it
2) Submitting these photos to JBU at timeforchangemalaysia@gmail.com
3) Liking the JBU Facebook page (www.facebook.com/JomBalikUndiMalaysia) and sharing the photos widely
All photos received will be published on the Jom Balik Undi FaceBook page within 24 hours to spread the JBU message and inspire more Malaysians to join in our campaign.
Photos we have received from Malaysians abroad in the last 72 hours bear messages such as:
> Sick of corruption. Flying home to vote
> A safer Malaysia for me and my loved ones. Coming home to vote
> Malaysia is still my home. Jom Balik Undi
All these photos have collectively been shared over 11,000 times on FaceBook so far.
This campaign is not limited to Malaysians who will return home to vote. Those who cannot do so and those who reside in Malaysia as well as non-Malaysians are also invited to submit their own messages of hope and change.
Future events
In addition, JBU will organise in Sydney a public forum featuring Malaysian political commentators as well as public screenings of the following Malaysian documentaries i.e. The Rights of the Dead, Waves of Change: Social Movements in Malaysia and 10 Years Before Independence.
Contact persons for JBU
• William de Cruz +61 425 237 429 (Australia)
• Adriene Leong +61 468 591 838 (Australia) +60 163 569 512 (Malaysia)
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/jombalikundi

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