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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Police chief still seeing commies under his bed

YOURSAY 'The government may have the power to restrict the physical movement of people but definitely not the spirit that lives in people's heart and soul.'
Lay off defending Chin Peng, news portals warned

Fair Play: You can't hide or distort truth forever because the rakyat know. PDRM (Royal Malaysia Police) should take a lesson in 'insightful analysis' using two classic examples.

First, Tanda Putera. Despite all the support, money spent and nationwide publicity by the powers-that-be to 'promote' it as a historical movie, it was a colossal flop in term of box office takes and critical acclaims.

Second, Chin Peng. Despite all the obstacles placed by the powers-that-be to prevent the remains of Chin Peng from returning to his birthplace, it has now taken a life of its own that PDRM now see it fit to issue a stern warning to online news portals.

But under which law, the rakyat may like to ask and whether it is constitutional to prevent the rakyat to resonate with Chin Peng and to unravel the truth. Herein lies the dilemma of the powers-that-be because of the trap they had set for themselves when the truth is distorted.

Odin: Just one question, inspector-general of police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar.

Why have you done nothing whenever Utusan Malaysia and other BN-controlled newspapers and electronic media published or broadcast articles or news that provoked, incited, unfairly defamed, and other negative action? But here you are threatening online news portals.
Ipohcrite: The arrogant attitude and arbitrary definition of what constitutes a security threat to the nation is exactly why the Prevention of Crime Act (PCA) is not welcome by the rakyat.

With the PCA, the police will be given carte blanche to exercise its powers of arrest without due process of accountability.

Geronimo: This IGP is lucky. In the past, it is this kind of oppression that leads to the downfall of government. Today we have no time for this and instead would rather change the government via the ballot box.

My dear IGP, the more you tighten the straight jacket on us, the closer you are to losing your job.

Fair and Open: Freedom of speech and truth is deemed a threat to BN's style of parliamentary democracy. In Malaysia, it seems we are not allowed the freedom to exercise our beliefs and thoughts and can be charged at the whims and fancies of the BN regime.

Our heartless ministers and the whole BN machinery are attacking and defaming a dead man rather than have the magnanimity to close a chapter in our history as death soothes past wraths and old wounds.
It seems the government is giving the thumbs up to detention without trial and outlaw the right of defence simultaneously.

PM Najib Razak wants to rule like a Dark Age master. The deception is coming to the fore fast and furious.

Daniel: The mentioned regulation - Prevention and Control of Infectious Disease (Importation and Exportation of Human Remains, Human Tissues and Pathogenic Organisms or Substances) Regulations 2005 - does not even seem to be under police purview but the customs, health and or veterinary departments. So, technically, it is none of your business?

Mohamad Abdul Malik: Of course, there are no viruses when the corpse is being cremated. The question to be asked is what happens after? What guarantee is there that it will not be contaminated during the handling process? This is what the IGP was alluding to.

To call him names just because you yourself lack the intelligence to understand his statement and just because of your extreme dislike of the government is uncalled for. The Malays by and large do not agree to the ashes being brought back.

Fsc: Mohamad Abdul Malik, anyone who walks into our country is potentially far more contaminated any human ashes. So close our border? Stop spewing stupidity.

Sad Malaysian: If what IGP say is true, should we start excavating those British and Japanese graves now and return to their own rightful soil? I bet we could dig out Hang Li Poh and Hang Tuah's grave and return them to China.

Bamboo: The real fear from Umno and its underlings like IGP is the truth will disseminate among the less informed Malaysians. Too bad, the Internet is hard to censored or filtered.

Eventually more Malaysians will know that Umno has distorted history to claim sole credit in our struggle for independence.

The Observer: Even the dead have rights. As they cannot speak for themselves, only their legacy speaks for them.

And it is only fair that right-minded members of the public speak up and defend them against a distortion of the truth by a government lacking in honour and integrity. That is viewed as a threat to security?

Abasir: It is only in Umno-infested Bolehland that you'll find virulent disease latent in ashes. I wonder if the RM20 million McKinsey Education Blueprint outlines ways and means of tackling idiocy running amok?

Maybe our world-class universities that have now embarked on researching Tanda Putera could also divert some time to do Nobel prize winning research on ashes and the drivel that comes out of the mouths of our Umnocrats.

BTN: The government may have the power to restrict the physical movement of people but definitely not the spirit that lives in people's heart and soul. The action of the government has directly make Chin Peng into a hero out of nothing. - Malaysiakini

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