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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Thieves flee with RM276,900

The damaged ATM after thieves made off with the cash in Negri Sembilan.
The damaged ATM after thieves made off with the cash in Negri Sembilan.
BAHAU: Robbers tied up a security guard at the Kiara Square shopping centre here and took him for a short drive before returning to cut open an automated teller machine and flee with RM276,900.
The men, wearing ski masks, attacked the 60-year old guard at about 4.30am yesterday, tied and gagged him and bundled him into a car.
They drove away but returned with the guard, who was still bound and gagged, after about 10 minutes.
Jempol deputy OCPD Deputy Supt Tukiman Seriman said a CCTV recording showed the robbers attacking the guard with sharp weapons.
An automated teller machine (ATM) was slightly damaged after attempts to pull it out of a bank at Bahau Negeri Sembilan 
The bound, gagged and blindfolded security guard.
“He was hit on the head after which his hands and legs were tied up.
“They blindfolded him and covered his mouth with adhesive tape,” he said adding that the robbers were believed to be in their 30s.
DSP Tukiman said the CCTV recording also showed the robbers carrying the guard into the car and bringing him back to the complex.
He said the guard was then made to sit on the floor while the robbers used steel cutters to open the ATM and remove the money.
An employee of the shopping centre, who reported for work at 6am, lodged a police report after discovering the robbery.
DSP Tukiman said police were informed that the ATM had RM360, 000 after it was replenished with cash on Friday afternoon.
He said the robbers took all the RM50 notes and left behind the RM10 notes.
“We believe that they decided to leave the RM10 notes behind because they were running out of time,” he said.
The injured guard who had only been employed for a week, was taken to the Jempol Hospital where he was warded. -Star

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