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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ex-MCA chief: Liow can only parrot in face of tough issues

Former MCA president Chua Soi Lek has criticised his successor Liow Tiong Lai of only capable of parroting standard responses in the face of tough issues.
He said this in response to Liow's handling of several issues, including racially-charged ones which MCA has had to deal with.
"He does respond but he will say ‘MCA is a moderate party that accepts all races.
"Stability is important so that people can live harmoniously and only then can the country develop and people prosper.’
"I can already memorise (his response)," said Chua in Mandarin, in an interview with Cari.com.my.
Chua also defended himself against criticisms of hogging the limelight, despite having retired.
"Do not forget that I am the only MCA president who, after retirement, remains a central delegate.
"So as a central delegate, I have the right to voice out," he said.
'Not out to sabotage'
Chua added that he was criticising Liow out of love and concern for him and the party.
"If I want to sabotage him, I can just praise him all the time and sooner or later, he will be doomed," he said.
Chua lamented that as a person, Liow would agree to everything which is raised but may not act on them.
"When you leave his office, you will only be temporarily satisfied because he says okay to everything but does not carry them out," he said.
Liow has been criticised for being weak in the face of several issues, including the racially-charged red shirt protest on Sept 16.

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