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Saturday, October 31, 2015


Of course, to the general public, the MACC is the trustee of the people meant to keep those in power on the straight and narrow. But anyone who has crossed paths with the MACC will know that many times that agency operates as a rogue outfit that can either make you or break you for the right price.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
There is an interesting development in the 1MDB-RM2.6 billion issue. The Pigeon Tan Sri — one of the six Tan Sris whom Malaysia Today identified as part of the gang of conspirators who have been tasked with the job of bringing down Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak — is currently in London to deliver documents and information that will be used in the last major offensive against the Prime Minister.
(See our previous article on this matter: The last major offensive against Najib in another month).
This Tan Sri is meeting their agent in London whose portal is being used as the vehicle to publish exposés and ‘special reports’ regarding Najib, his wife Rosmah Mansor, 1MDB, the RM2.6 billion issue, SRC International, Low Taek Jho a.k.a. Jho Low, etc. Basically, it is a single-function ‘news’ portal that focuses just on attacking Najib and everything related to issues that can hurt the Prime Minister.
Its job is to attack Najib, that is what it is being paid to do, and that is the only thing it must do. And it is earning millions just to do that.
This same Pigeon Tan Sri was in London around the time that Najib was supposed to have been ousted, which was back in late July, exactly three months ago.
As Malaysia Today had related earlier, Najib was supposed to have been pressured into resigning on Wednesday 29th July 2015 during the weekly Cabinet meeting. The Deputy Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin, was supposed to inform Najib and the Cabinet that the Attorney General, Gani Patail, was waiting outside the meeting room with a charge sheet and if Najib refused to resign then the AG could be invited in with the police to arrest him.
Knowing that was the plan, because a certain Canary Tan Sri…well, sang like a canary, Najib pre-empted their move and two days before that he executed all those who were going to execute him on the 29th of July.
The six Tan Sris thought that the Canary Tan Sri was with them but then the Canary Tan Sri knew that they were just using him and once they manage to oust Najib they would, as the English would say, throw him under the bus. After all, they had done the same thing back in 2008 so why should he trust them again?
So the Canary Tan Sri became a stool pigeon and sang like a canary and the Vulture Tan Sri discovered to his horror that there was no dead body to feast on after all. Instead, he became that dead man walking.
(Sorry for all these clichés but I just cannot resist the temptation).
So that 29th July putsch fell flat. (By the way, putsch is German for coup). Najib had executed a brilliant counter-putsch and all the main players were demolished in one swoop.
And that was when the Pigeon Tan Sri sold that charge sheet to their British agent. They thought that if they could no longer use it to put Najib behind bars then they could at least get it out there into cyberspace.
And then the police started investigating who had sold that charge sheet and the Pigeon Tan Sri plus a few MACC officers were arrested. The creator of that charge sheet panicked and declared that it was a fake. They also made a police report saying that it was a fake.
So now the Pigeon Tan Sri is again in London as the carrier pigeon for certain people in the MACC and, again, they are selling documents to their British agent. And these documents are what are going to be used over this next one month in the last major offensive against Najib that Malaysia Today wrote about earlier.
And that is the reason why the MACC announced that the investigation regarding the RM2.6 billion is not yet closed after earlier announcing that the investigation is complete and that the RM2.6 billion is from a donor and not from 1MDB.
As long as they keep the investigation open until the next general election they can keep obtaining information and documents by raiding certain premises and by summoning ‘suspects’ for their statement to be recorded. The MACC knows that information has a value, which can either be sold or used to blackmail anyone they wish to control.
Of course, to the general public, the MACC is the trustee of the people meant to keep those in power on the straight and narrow. But anyone who has crossed paths with the MACC will know that many times that agency operates as a rogue outfit that can either make you or break you for the right price.
The Ramli Yusoff and Rosli Dahlan matter is a case in point. Those two were involved in exposing the shenanigans in Malaysia’s national airlines, MAS. MAS, a once profitable airline company, was turned into a RM8 billion disaster and the police investigation revealed that MAS was manipulated to cover up a RM30 billion forex loss.
Ramli then wrote a letter to Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi suggesting prosecution and the MACC arrested him. Rosli then acted for Ramli as his lawyer and the MACC arrested him as well. But the judge threw the case out of court on grounds that there was no case. The judge even called the key witness, IGP Musa Hassan, a liar.
And remember poor Teoh Beng Hock (whom DAP has now forgotten) and Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed (the Customs officer) who were thrown out the window while under the care of the MACC?
Rumour has it that the interrogation method the MACC uses is they will force you onto the window ledge and would threaten to throw you out the window if you do not confess to your crimes. But this is only a rumour, mind you, and may not be true one bit although someone inside the MACC personally told me this.

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