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Friday, October 30, 2015

PM Najib, don’t use ‘summary judgment’ card against Ling

YOURSAY l ‘Najib has been trapped by Mahathir. Now he has no place to run.’
Anonymous_4031c: Finally, the PM has done the right thing to clear his name.
Watching the legal manoeuvres will be interesting - expect many objections from the Najib Razak camp on the relevance of the line of questioning that former MCA chief Ling Liong Sik's camp will take or the defence filed.
There will be many filled seats in this court drama and it will be good for Najib to take the stand which is unlikely given in all the court action thus far he has managed to avoid making any appearance.
Anonymous 2006551440333206: Mr PM, be a man, take the witness stand in your case against Ling.
I hope you will not ask for summary judgment to avoid having to give evidence in court.
Be brave like the late Lee Kuan Yew who was not afraid to face the defendant's lawyers when cross-examined by them.
Visu: There should be enough money to sue even The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Sarawak Report and former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad, too.
Please proceed as this is where your true mettle as a credible leader would be redeemed or lost forever.
The rakyat want to know given that you, who is an elected representative and the PM of Malaysia, is like the father of the nation.
Unlike 1MDB boss Arul Kanda, you are not a CEO of a private company and you have to account for everything you do as PM.
You can't just rape your own daughter (in this case, the rakyat) and say you are a good father (the PM), can you?
Fair&Just: Yes, now go sue WSJ and Sarawak Report too.
Try go after those international ones where you cannot bully, coerce, intimidate and manipulate if you have the guts but alas, this is not so.
You can only bully the local ones like a dog which can only bark but quiver behind closed doors when approached.
Neutral Point: Najib has been trapped by Mahathir. Now he has no place to run. Let the court takes it course. It is show time for the rakyat.
CQ Muar: Even Najib's lawyer, Hafarizam Harun appears to be a liar just like his boss.
Despite Najib's suit against Ling being filed on Tuesday, he gave the impression, and openly declared he had yet to consult Najib for a decision whether to proceed with the suit yesterday (Wednesday).
Now that Najib had created history as the only prime minister in the world known to sue all his critics, especially the opposition and other dissidents, let's hope our beloved prime minister will not deny us the pleasure watching him make his maiden witness stand.
Please don't disappoint us, Mr Prime Minister.
Oh, by the way, Najib, as a matter of fact, I have a suggestion whereby you can win all those suits you'd made, including against Ling. Probably, you may not even need to appear in court.
Like a magic wand, produce those mega billions you deny you'd taken. That way, you'd also win back the hearts of all those who had doubted you, your adversaries and the even the opposition.
Odin Tajué: Najib and all those connected to him are all effing liars. A Malaysiakini report published at 12.20pm on Oct 27 told us that Hafarizam (Najib's lawyer) said Najib would decide whether to go ahead with his suit against Ling in a day or two.
Another report published at 5.30pm the next day (Oct 28) and updated at 7.46 am on Oct 29 told us that he (Hafarizam) said he had yet to meet Najib.
But today (Oct 29), Hafarizam said the suit was filed last Tuesday (Oct 27). Doubtless, everything said by Najib, 1MDB boss Arul Kanda, Finance Minister II Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah and the rest connected to and involved in the 1MDB and SRC International grand scams are also nothing but lies.
Anonymous 2315791437653403: The lawyer's excuse for delay in suing WSJ is due to the Speech (Securing the Protection of our Enduring and Established Constitutional Heritage) Act.
What is the excuse for the delay in suing Ling?
GE14NOW!: I wonder if Najib is setting some sort of a record for the most number of lawsuits (one way or the other) as PM.
Maybe not but then again, he has the record for the biggest political donation in history.
He might even be able to set another record for having the most stupid and mindless goons as well. -Mkini

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