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Saturday, November 28, 2015


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This is from Tun Dr Mahathir's Blog :   http://chedet.cc/?p=1924

28 Nov 2015 

1. 1MDB would reduce between RM16 bil to RM18 bil of its debts after selling “Edra”.

2. I am trying to work out how 

3. 1MDB bought power plants, debt of RM6 bil for RM 18 bil Ringgit. 

CGN pays RM 9.83 billion for 100% of the energy assets.

4. at time 1MDB purchased Ringgit was at 3.2 per US Dollar. 

now at 4.2 Ringgit per US Dollar. 

9.83 billion Ringgit paid by Chinese worth much less than the 9.83 billion Ringgit paid by 1MDB.

5. what 1MDB gets from the sale not able to pay fully debts in USD 

6. CGN bought 100% energy assets of 1MDB. Does debt of RM6 b also sold to CGN?

7. will Petronas be selling gas to the power plants? If so at what price.

8. sold for RM9.83 billion, how to reduce 1MDB debts by RM16-RM18 billion. 

10. China rule repatriation in form of export of Chinese products and not cash

11. Price fixing which may cause a loss to the company may result in subsidy by the Government.

My comments :  These are valid points that need to be answered. My point is I dont think 1MDB also sold that RM6b debt to the Chinese.

I dont think the Chinese are that stupid.

So here is some Standard Two arithmetic folks.

1MDB bought the power plants for RM18 Billion. This included debt of RM6 b.  This means their investment in the power plants was RM18 B.

Now they sold the power plants to the Chinese for RM9.83 b ONLY.

So RM18 b - RM9.83 b = RM8.17 Billion SHORT. 

Ini sudah rugi RM8.17 Billion.

Ok the Baboon said that he was very crever. He said with just RM1 million paid up, 1MDB could borrow RM42 Billion.  Very crever.

They also borrowed in US Dollar.  So if they borrowed US$ to pay the RM12 Billion their US$ hutang was RM12 b / RM3.20 = US3.75 Billion (using RM3.20/US$ at that time).

Now they have to pay back that US$3.75 billion they borrowed. However since the Ringgit has fallen to RM4.20 / US$ ir means now their US$ hutang on this power assets alone is around US3.75 bil x RM4.20 = RM15.75 billion.

Plus they also have that RM6.0 billion hutang which I am sure the Chinese said 'Err you can keep that hutang. We dont want it'.

So they sold the power plant for RM9.83 Billion. 

But they still have to pay RM15.75 Billion (US$ hutang) plus RM6 billion old hutang = RM21.75 billion. 

Tak cukup duit lah. RM21.75 bil - RM9.83 bil = RM11.92 billion shortfall.

If there is ZERO US$ hutang, and no RM6 bil debt, then they are still short by a straightforward RM12 bil - RM9.83 bil = RM2.17 billion (best case scenario).  But I dont think so.

I think there is plenty of US$ debt.  Because the boys like US$. Make more commissions. Remember Morgan Grenfell made US$300 million in commissions? Who introduced Morgan Grenfell to 1MDB? Mamak juga. Setan.

Then they must convert US$ to RM - can sapu duit from the Forex commissions. Somebody made money all the way. 

So jual power station also not enough money  to bayar balik semua hutang.  

I tell you what folks. They will use this RM9.83 Bil largely to pay interest only, especially accumulated interest.  The amount left over to repay the principle amount will be a lot less.

And what do the ketuanan boys say now ? Dulu lompat-lompat marah YTL. Sekarang bapak Cina dari negeri Cina datang beli power station secara borong. Depa beli longgok - macam Indon jual durian di Chow Kit.  Malulah brader.  

Tun Dr Mahathir dictator jahat kasi lesen IPP kat Cina Genting dan Ananda Krishnan. Sebab itu hangpa kata Dr Mahathir jahat. Dia bagi lesen cap duit kat Cina dan India. 

Habis pasai apa hangpa pi beli IPP dari Cina Genting dan Ananda dengan harga mahal gila. Lepas itu pi jual balik IPP kepada bapak Cina dengan harga paling murah. Hangpa bodoh kah?

Hangpa kena paham 'buy low sell high'. 

Conclusion : Ok folks, these Baboons are not all dumb.  After selling Edra to CGN, there is still a shortfall of easily over RM10 billion.

How are they going to pay that? Thats where you and me come in.

Do you recall that RM975 million stand by loan? Like that lah.

Duit sudah lari. 

Sekarang kita taxpayer kena top up.  Just wait and see.  

I also know how they will do it. (Because Zahid Hamidi let the cat out of the bag).

They will increase the Paid Up Capital of 1MDB.

Dulu pandai pinjam RM42 Billion with just RM1 million paid up.

Wait and see. 1MDB's paid up is going to increase to billions of Ringgit.

For your information 1MDB's paid up capital is no more RM1 million.   It is over RM2 billion already. 

Members of the Press - go and ask them lah. 

'Excuse me Mr 1MDB, what is your paid up capital now? Do you have plans to increase your paid up capital to RM10 Billion or RM50 Billion or RM100 Billion?' 

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