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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Morais case sinking deeper into morass of M’sia’s ‘Dallas’

YOURSAY | ‘Other than ensuring his brother didn’t die in vain, Charles has nothing to gain.’
Abasir: An alleged liar may snipe from the sidelines or from a safe distance, but will not swear on a statutory declaration (SD) prepared by someone as unimpeachable as senior lawyer Americk Singh.
That, and given the stealth with which Kevin Morais’ remains were spirited out of the mortuary by a fellow whose reputation or lack of is well-known in Kuala Lumpur, points in only one direction - there is more than a sliver of truth in the allegations made by Charles.
And if we were to consider the reactions of Umno hangers-on, including their mouthpiece Utusan Malaysia, plus the silence of the unceremoniously-replaced attorney-general (AG), we can be sure that there is more to this killing than meets the eye.
6th Generation Immigrant: Other than ensuring that his elder brother did not die in vain, Charles has nothing to gain by making the SD.
Charles is now in a similar situation as his late brother, whether or not his story is true. He had subtly asked for a second post-mortem, but instead got sucked deeper and deeper into this quicksand of Malaysia's version of ‘Dallas’.
Surely there was plenty of time for Kevin's distractors to counter any moves since the request for the second autopsy was initiated.
Drngsc: Yes, Charles must know that he is taking a big gamble. The whole government machinery, with all the spinners, will be gunning for him. Is he telling the truth?
Roy69: Why would Charles lie? He is rich, single and wanted a second autopsy done to challenge the government pathologist and show that the initial post-mortem report was bulls**t.
Why did Richard dispose the body on the quiet?
Sleepy: I understand the differences among Kevin’s family members. So when Charles wants to stir the hornet’s nest, there must be a reason. Hopefully, it is justice.
Anticonmen: Why should the charge sheet be faked by anyone in the first place? Who else can word it with all the legalese, except an experienced lawyer in the Attorney-General's Chambers?
Common sense will tell you that it cannot be a fake.
Jaguh: All this speculation is a waste of time. Just show the contents of the pen drive.
Vijay47: When Utusan, as expected, enters the fray to bat for Richard, it is easier for us to decide who is the caring brother and who is the cad.
Richard, you suggest that your paying for the funeral expenses makes you the family hero. Was the family supposed to share the expenses or did you heroically offer to foot the whole bill so that you could make this very allegation against Charles now?
I presume that you are well-to-do enough to pick up the entire tab - don't tell us that you also received a tidy donation from a benevolent Arab. And I assume that you are mentioned prominently in Kevin's will from which Charles was excluded.
Oh, one final question. Where were you these last 11 years when you seemingly did not know Kevin?
Ghostwhowalks: Funny that Richard should say Charles didn't attend Kevin's funeral as reported by Utusan.
How do you expect Charles to attend the funeral when someone had snatched the body without him even knowing or where the body is?
Anonyxyz: The basis for all these unfortunate events is why a second post-mortem was not performed and the motive for Richard to dispose of Kevin's body so hastily.
Even now nobody knows what has happened to the body. Once we are clear on this point, all the mudslinging is just manufactured to discredit the SD and to prevent further investigation into the alleged murder.
2Malaysia: If there indeed is a pen drive, the information should be released. I don’t see the point in not releasing it. Unless if it doesn't exist in the first place or doesn't contain anything new.
Buttman: A very simple rule of thumb to go by when assessing a person's character - anyone who can gleefully indulge in collecting Birkin handbags and spending millions of ringgit on a luxury jet while so many go homeless and hungry is most certainly capable of absolute amorality to get what she wants.
P Dev Anand Pillai: We have been so used to a staple diet of these typical Indian dramas where one sibling will be with the 'proposers' and the other will be with the 'opposers'.
Therefore, it is quite typical and common for Indians to be great debaters and talkers because the family system in itself is like that.
Buttman: One brother has a datuk title while the other has a track record of debts. In every instance, I would rather trust the one without an honorific.
As George Bernard Shaw said: "I have been offered titles, but I think they put one in bad company." -Mkini


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