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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pressures pile on Charles over pen drive

YOURSAY | 'All this can be clarified. Charles needs to release contents of pen drive.'
Kim Quek: Attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali, you may dismiss Charles Morais’ explosive revelation as a load of bull on ground that Kevin Morais never worked on the 1MDB-Najib case and that the charge sheet against PM Najib Razak is fake, but evidence points to the contrary as testified by Kevin’s brother, Charles.
Charles had been in frequent conversation with Kevin prior to his death, besides having in his possession a pen drive sent by Kevin, who seemed to anticipate his imminent misfortune.
This pen drive “clearly and unequivocally” revealed Kevin’s investigations which implicated powerful personalities in Malaysia, according to Charles' statutory declaration (SD).
Besides, Apandi’s outright dismissal of the charge sheet as a forgery is contradicted by Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan’s interview by Star Online on Aug 16, when he defended the PM’s “flurry of actions” in sacking former AG Abdul Gani Patail, DPM Muhyiddin Yassin and other key personnel as a necessary defensive action to stop the charge sheet from being served (He however denied it later).
If Charles’ revelation of Kevin’s murder as a consequence of his work on the 1MDB-SRC scandal is sheer nonsense, then why should the authorities conspire to hurriedly remove Kevin’s body for immediate cremation knowing that Charles was applying for a second post-mortem on the body?
Isn’t that a sneaky act to destroy any possible evidence that may unravel the hitherto hidden side of Kevin’s murder?
Charles is reported to have gone back to United States, but be assured that further fireworks can be expected to illuminate on the scandals that have so ravaged the nation.
Jaycee: Well, all this can be clarified very quickly. Charles needs to release the contents of the pen drive.
Roger 5201: It is timely for the AG to take an open position and come clean.
He should call for a thorough investigation into the statutory declaration (SD) made by Charles and allegations involving the 'charge sheet', instead of issuing repeated denials in the face of mounting evidence.
The content of the pen drive could yet reveal more damning evidence.
Anonymous_1421406986: Please give us room to understand the flow of events. The murdered deputy public prosecutor Kevin was involved in probing SRC, a former subsidiary of 1MDB.
Kevin allegedly uncovered the involvement of the prime minister. He then sent a pen drive to his brother who lives in the United States.
The pen drive is safely in the hands of perhaps American authorities. This would have been done before his murder. Police then arrested a doctor and his hired hands who later revealed where they had disposed the body, which was in a cement-filled drum.
I believe the family expressed thanks to the police for their good and fast work.
If Kevin's brother Charles had incriminating proof/evidence, why did he not speak up then? Then how did the doctor come into the picture? And how would those charged for murder know the exact location of the disposed body?
Is Charles implying somebody else murdered Kevin and placed the blame on the doctor? The new story just does not make sense.
Charles must be man enough to come forward to provide the evidence, since he wants justice for his brother.
Anonymous #21828131: Panic stricken? Study this statement by the AG instead.
"Apandi Ali said Kevin Morais could not have worked on prosecuting a high-ranking government official because the murdered deputy public prosecutor never worked on the 1MDB probe."
The giveaway is "could not have worked" meaning he is unsure. Isn't is a preposterous statement when you are unsure of things but then quick to make conclusions.
Just like the RM2.6 billion. Could you tell us where exactly the money came from? Instead of harping that it was a donation.
We the rakyat want to know if government/public funds were involved. Just be straightforward with the answers, instead of beating about the bush.
Gggg: The AG should know that the alleged charge sheet is related to SRC (not 1MDB). Isn't it common practice to loop someone from outside and kept it completely confidential when investigating serious or sensitive matters?
A co-worker was murdered and the brother made an application to no other than the AG himself for a second post-mortem but somehow his body was allowed to be reclaimed even when the AG ought to have known there was a pending application for the said post-mortem.
Right now it is Charles' word against Apandi's. We need a royal commission to find out the truth as many top people were implicated.
Headhunter: An SD is a very serious matter. No one would take it lightly for fear of prosecution for making a false statement.
The AG should instruct the police to investigate it thoroughly before making denials and discrediting Kevin's brother.
There are many out there who would find it credible and believe his story. There is no smoke without fire. Remember how they ridiculed the late private eye P Balasubramaniam?
Yawkwai: Gani, where are you? Why are you so quiet? Come out and tell the truth. Don't you feel guilty that your man got brutally murdered while working under your instructions.
Saya Pun Nak Cari Makan: Apandi, do not just dismiss such a serious allegation against a man holding a high position like Premier Najib Abdul Razak.
A good leader and administrator would assure the public that this allegation would be taken seriously and investigated, if need be, even by an independent body.
Apandi, it takes tremendous courage to accuse a person like the prime minister. Quite a number of people allegedly involved in 1MDB have dropped by the wayside, some mysteriously.
And Charles in coming up with the SD, might add to the statistics, which I pray not.
Based on these reasons, there are good grounds to investigate the allegations and if possible get Gani to help you.
As you have said, you fear no one except Allah. Now prove it. Yes, Allah is watching you.
Real Truth: Nothing surprises Malaysians anymore as there are many murders that are unexplained - Altantuya Shaariibuu, Hussain Ahmad Najadi, and now Kevin. -Mkini


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