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Thursday, December 31, 2015

DPM, blaming Dr M is like rubbing s**t in your own face

YOURSAY | ‘Zahid, it’s the same party that has rubbed 's**t', as you so eloquently put it, on the people.’
Mojo Jojo: Faulting former government administrations for lopsided contracts under past prime ministers is the same as blaming yourself for these errors.
Why? DPM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, weren't you, Najib Razak, Hishammuddin Hussein and a host of other ministers in the present cabinet also part of Malaysia's previous administration?
Didn't all of you serve Hussein Onn, Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as either menteri besar or cabinet minister at one point or another?
One thing is certain: we have had the same political party dominating the political landscape of this country since independence.
If Malaysia experiences any social, economic or political downfall or upheaval, who else do we blame but the same people who have helmed power for the past few decades?
Anonymous 29051438068738: So tell us Zahid, which was the party in power then - you know the one that rubbed "s**t", as you so eloquently put it, on the people?
Wasn't the RM2.6 billion man, the one you report to aka the most incompetent and shady 'finance minister' since independence, a ranking member of that government?
And have you ever really understood the meaning of the term 'collective responsibility', Dr Zahid, PhD?
Anonymous 122461436161429: I am truly shocked and disgusted by the quality of our leaders, no less the number 2 himself, and the language they use.
Also what does he mean by "We should be together in arriving at a consensus - agree to agree and agree to disagree".
As for the four-letter word he used, it should be reserved for the 1MDB fiasco. That alleged heist was and is truly s**t on the people, to use the DPM's own word.
GE14Now!: You tell us to agree to disagree but when the people disagree with you, you pull out sedition laws and throw us into jail. What a hypocrite you are, Zahid.
Anonymous #7856234569: The current government under Najib has been in business since 2009. If you considered the contracts lopsided, why have you done nothing to correct it in the past eight years?
Pemerhati: The Umno people use sewer language to attack their own corrupt leaders. Previously one Umno member attacked Najib by saying that he urinated on the people.
Now Zahid attacks Mahathir by saying that he rubbed s**t on the people. They seem to forget that most of the Umno leaders have been wallowing in the same stinking sewer and thus they all give off a foul stench.
Grey Matter: Thank you DPM, for finally admitting that Umno/BN had been giving away lopsided contracts all these years.
We must take action against all those involved, starting with the members of the cabinet who approved these contracts, Economic Planning Unit (EPU) and the various government agencies, the civil servants and the companies involved for fraud and corruption against the people of Malaysia.
Mr IGP, AG and MACC, please don't wait for a police report to be filed. Please haul these people in for investigation with the view of prosecution in court for their criminal acts.
Adityamahesh: If you say that the agreements are lopsided, take the concessionaires to court and have the contracts rescinded or re-negotiated. Any reason why this is not being done? Do not pretend that you are helpless to do anything.
Brahim - the airline caterer for MAS - agreed to reduce prices when the issue was forced on them. Do the same with the others.
Liew Lean Kut: Review the contracts? Hey brother, you want to kill my golden goose? You can tear your hair out, you can scream for all we care but you cannot review the contracts.
You have to pay and your children will have to pay, got that?
GE14Now!: Well, the nation has certainly become more adroit at international fundraising and the Umno politicians have increased in their overall abilities to lie and cover up for their bosses.
At the same time, the nation has become increasingly polarised as Umno supporters racialise everything.
Is there a future for the country? Of course, there is. The real question is what that future is. And if this corrupt government stays the course, then the future for the country is bleak indeed.
Hearty Malaysian: The state of nation under Najib is getting worse in terms of racial ties, increasing cost of living due to the depreciating ringgit and the Goods and Services Tax (GST) because of excessive government spending symbolised by the collosal budget of the PM’s Department.
No PM in Malaysia’s history is having so much controversy and he is inching towards dictatorial rule.
Many talents have left Malaysia, while many young graduates are not coming home.
We are impatiently waiting for GE 14, hopefully before the nation goes under water. May the Almighty bless the nation to see justice done for Malaysia before it is too late.
Lone_Star: It is time for change but will the rakyat rise to the occasion at the next GE? Has the tipping point been reached?
The government is too afraid to go to the ground for it knows what the rakyat will say and the government is not interested in hearing it.
All the king's men/women want to do now is to prop up the king. They know that when the king falls, they will also fall with him and like Humpty Dumpty, cannot be put back together again. -Mkini

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