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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Zahid, who declared Bersih 4 unlawful? You

YOURSAY | ‘The signs are written on the wall and you are fighting it with arrogance.’
Slumdog: Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, I think you are confusing two important issues here.
The Bersih 4 organisers have good reasons for urging clean and fair elections and seeking PM Najib Abdul Razak’s resignation in light of the RM2.6 billion ‘donation’.
They chose to exercise their rights under the constitution by relaying their demands by way of a peaceful rally. In your view, it was an unlawful assembly and therefore you are not able to accede to their legitimate demands.
What if the Bersih 4 organisers wrote you a letter seeking the same demands, would you also ignore it and not respond or make some other frivolous excuse for rejecting it?
Commentable: Zahid, who declared Bersih 4 as an unlawful assembly? Answer: you.
Who is asserting that there is no need for the government to entertain any demands made during the Bersih 4 rally because it is unlawful? Answer: you.
But don't forget Zahid, Bersih 4 is not the opposition and never has been about any political party or race nor religion.
It is about the people, the rakyat, the very voters who elected you bunch of clowns to represent people like us, the rakyat.
It is the people's will to be there on the streets, to make known to the government that they are not happy, that they demand reforms and changes.
As you appear to be the sole decision-maker for the BN government pertaining to Bersih 4, then take it at your peril come the 14th general election (GE14). The signs are clearly written on the wall and you are fighting it with arrogance.
No wonder Najib needs the National Security Council (NSC) law badly - to fight Bersih 5, if there is going to be one in the future.
Tailek: Zahid, forget about whether the assembly is lawful or unlawful. Address the issues at hand. That is the responsible thing to do and not make excuses to sidestep the issues.
Mojo Jojo: So you will not listen to the "unlawful" assembly demanding clean elections and an honest government, but will listen to the ‘lawful’ assembly of bigots hurling animal monikers at an ethnic Chinese journalist?
Just because something is made right by law doesn't mean that it is made right by the universe. Laws are man-made while the rules set forth by the universe go beyond human conception.
Anonymous_1371479577: If the government does not support Bersih's five-point demands, please discuss what the government's position is for each of the points raised. I think it is more meaningful to the rakyat.
Headhunter: Zahid, we're happy to hear that your government has written off at least 100,000 potential votes going by your statement. Don't act like a sore loser if BN want to remain relevant.
Dahjadi Bubur: This is what all known dictatorships say, and that's why they will have no place in a democracy.
I guess that means he is saying the rakyat will have to decide whether they want the future Malaysia to continue as a democracy or become a communist state.
So folks, you may not need to bother about voting and finger inking and electoral boundaries. Wouldn't that be nice, especially if you are thinking of the throne.
By the way, protests are part and parcel of a democracy. The only ‘laws’ that govern them are that no other living creatures are killed or properties/assets damaged during the process.
During the process, police are to be present to ensure protesters and anti-protesters do not violate these ‘laws’ and prosecute those who do.
Foodforthought: “The Bersih 4 rally on Aug 29 and 30 was attended by about 35,000 people, and was declared to be not in full compliance with the law,” said Zahid in a written parliamentary reply.
We do not expect anything more from those who cannot count.
Hang Babeuf: Many people will not accept the DPM's pathetic argument here because (whoever scripted its words for him) they offer the reasoning of an idiot, a political ignoramus.
The DPM should be consistent, and now follow through rigorously on the logic of his own stated position. He must now propose a sound, reasoned, principled, well-grounded and convincing argument for unfree and unfair elections.
Not easy. But, go to it, young Zahid. That is your homework for today!
Buttman: You conveniently forget, Mr Java Man, that with all the incriminating evidence floating to the surface since the 1MDB fiasco and mysterious billions passing through Najib's personal bank accounts (especially just before the 2013 elections), it is now clear as day that we have been saddled with an illegitimate government - a full-fledged criminal regime - which makes everything you say just another nail in your own coffin.
Shanandoah: Zahid doesn't know what he is talking about. This minority-led government doesn't want to listen to the majority Malaysians in the Bersih movement for a clean and honest government.
This NSC bill is designed to prevent a change of government that is fast approaching out of fear of being ousted from power.
The Arab donor is helping the opposition with his 'donation' to Najib to get rid of this crooked and corrupt government.
Najib will not surrender and neither can he retreat because he is riding on a tiger's back - it will eat him up should he get down.
Mohican: The RM2.6 billion in a certain person's account is also unlawful, you get that? -Mkini

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