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Tuesday, December 29, 2015


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The report that the Malaysia Corrupt Agency intends next week to first hand over to serially lying PM Grossmajib its report on the $2.6 billion that was TT'd from abroad into Grossmajib's personal bank account and the $42 million that also flowed into Grossmajib's personal bank account from a wholly owned MoF company, is shocking to say the least! CLICK HERE.

Without a shadow of a doubt, these funds are linked to massive fraud, misappropriation of money, CBT and money-laundering from bond debt and other borrowings of $46 billion raised by 1GDB (Grossmajib Development Bunkum) through government guarantees and letters of support. 

The very subject of the Malaysia Corrupt Agency's investigation is PM Grossmajib.

Yet the Malaysia Corrupt Agency chief shamelessly pretends that there is no conflict of interest at all in handing over its much awaited report first to PM Grossmajib himself!!??

Once again another agency entrusted with law and order does not seem to aware of its independence or, know the difference between justice and the spirit of the law, and the mere wording of statutes. Of course, with PM Grossmajib having engineered the sacking of the DPM and the Unconstitutional and illegal thuggish removal of the previous Attorney General, he has more or less sent a dangerous warning to the police, Chief Justice and the Judiciary - lay off or you could be the next to be forcibly retired, possibly without a pension!

Does any of it make any sense?

Yes, of course it does. If the objective of the charade is to give PM Grossmajib sufficient time to either suppress the report, re-write it or prepare Plan B. 

Plan B is that if by some chance PM Grossmajib is forced to defend his dishonour in court, newly appointed (by PM Grossmajib) BUMNO sycophant AG Pandi will find a way to make sure the prosecution contrives to produce a feeble attempt and force the judge to discharge Grossmajib with a full acquittal. PM Grossmajib will then proclaim to the whole world that he has been vindicated in open court and Allah be praised! This has happened in numerous instances over the last 30 years and recently in another case involving a BUMNO crony in the $250 million Cowcondogate fraud. CLICK HERE.

What manner of vermin are these who will conspire to defend a prime minister and his administration who are implicated:

1. In the murders of Altantuya, Hussain Najadi and Kevin Morais.
2. In the $8 billion corrupt contract for procurement of scorpene submarines, and fraudulent payment of $500 million in fake support and administration fees?
3. In the coercion of PI Bala into withdrawing his SD.
4. In hiring businessman Dipak into illegally fronting for the Grossmajibs in multi-billion dollar businesses and money-laundering, and fixing PI Bala.
5. Fraud and misappropriation from $46 billion of debt raised by 1GDB and chanelling them through dummy companies bearing names similar to that of Arab corporations?
6. In illegally using $2.6 billion and $42 million to buy votes and rig the 2013 General Election, and bribing BUMNO/SCUMNO parties, Cabinet members and deputy ministers, party hacks and cronies.
7. In deliberately and criminally inflating IPP purchase price by some $4 billion to siphon to BUMNO and then lie that this would help reduce electricity tariffs?
8. In flogging off the Rakyat's land and assets to the tune of billions of dollars to foreigners to bailout and hide gross mismanagement and fraud at 1GDB.
9. In lies that $2.6 billion was a "donation", not accounting for it in BUMNO's ROS filed accounts and then mysteriously (PM Grossmajib) transferring $2 billion to a non-BUMNO ban account in Singapore?

The short and the long of this entirely sordid period in our history is that virtually all the safeguards provided in our Constitution to protect the Rakyat from a rogue, thieving, corrupt and murderous prime minister have utterly failed.

Our last hope lies in the King and Rulers.

We cannot wait for GE 2018 to save us. That will be too late. By then, if the King and Rulers remain immobile, we will be reduced to a pariah state peddling the politics, economics and finances of a 4th world kampung!

Donplaypuks® with conflict of interest, Malaysia Corrupt Agency!

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