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10 APRIL 2024

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

FLOM has cupboard full of cash at her homes

60,000 undergraduates got no jobs.
MAS pilots are told to go for unpaid leave for two years.
30,000 workers have been retrenched for the past 11 months.
CIMB, MAYBANK, AMBANK AND RHB have also retrenched their staff estimated to be 3,000 workers.
Instead of caring and coming up with various creation to help the Rakyat to ease their daily burden.
Rosmah and Najis keeps millions in various currencies for their own spending.
Life is truly great for the unbeatable ARSE HOLE.
“She has this aluminium cupboard that stretches the entire wall of one room and it is full of cash, all lined up in different denominations and amounts”

Do read the rest of the story in Sarawak Report - Diamond Shopping in Hong Kong?

Since Christmas till today FLOM is still shopping and she has hidden the plane that flew her.

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