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10 APRIL 2024

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The UMNO Rednecks and their Cohorts

Emperor Najib Razak

Who is the typical UMNO redneck? The answer is- he or she is someone who blames the Chinese forever as the source of their unhappiness.

The other favourite bete noire is Dr Mahathir. On this I am really surprised. If the UMNO people can turn on their own while he is still UMNO, this speaks volumes on the morality of UMNO people. Suddenly he is also the cause of all the problems. Najib has merely inherited the problems. The lopsided contracts with IPPs, the ERL, KLIA , Proton etc.etc.

Where is the cut-off point? Najib was preceded by Pak Lah. Pak Lah’s tenure ought to have extinguished all links to Mahathir. Najib should take responsibility over his tenure because the people gave him the mandate. They did not give to Dr Mahathir.

In any case, people are asking about 1MDB, the RM2.6 billion into his private account while in his public capacity as UMNO president and PM, the money from SRC. These issues are the makings of Najib. So how is the link to Mahathir established?

But here is a moot point. If present day UMNO is the receptacle of all that is rotten, why should we vote in BN? What kind of record then can the BN government show to the people? Therefore if the BN has been responsible for all the wrongs, why should the people continue to vote in an incapable and corrupt government? There is nothing good to speak of about the BN government.

Najib is cast from the same mould. He is equally responsible for past wrongs because he was also a member of Mahathir’s cabinet.  He made hay while the Mahathir sun shone.

Its not like we are seeing a new Najib.

The grim reality is, the person on public trial now is Najib. The side-winding attempts to demonise Mahathir , do not take our sights off Najib. He is the person running the country now. Not Mahathir.

He has told us nothing. When confronted he will offer us serpentine answers and blurts out some pieties to show off some of deep-seated religious convictions. Remember when he was asked about Altantuya? - he swore the sacred vow that he did not know the woman.

 Nobody believes what he says any longer. He is better off holding his peace instead of speaking about Islam, or Christmas or anything moral. We are not looking at a new Najib just as the Americans ought to have realised they were not looking at a new Clinton then governor of Arkansas who was widely known then to prey on women, saying let bygones be bygones for the mistakes he has done. Only then people realised that the governor wanted to offer himself as a presidential candidate and it was necessary to wipe his slate clean.

It’s the same with Najib.

Getting back to the blame game, the narrative is that the reason why the cost of living is high is because it’s caused by the rapacious greed of Chinese business people. The Chinese are selling fake hand phones. The Chinese are behind the Christian crosses being incorporated in house and airport designs. The Malays who open their windows at 9 am in the morning after forfeiting the dawn prayers, and see a cross across the street, will protest vehemently that their faith is being challenged.

But the more preposterous statements explained the Chinese are behaving that way because they are influenced by the DAP of course. Suddenly DAP is the cause for many wrongs committed and imagined. The DAP which can never form the federal government for instance,  will build a military base for Israel if Pakatan Harapan comes into power.
That would assumed that the partners in Pakatan Harapan, our military and police are all in a vegetative state and will let that  happen. It would also have to assume that DAP is run by lunatics.

If PAS were to countenance such a statement given by those on the lunatic fringe, this only serves to remind us the people, we must never allow this country to be run by cerebrally-challenged religious scholars.

The typical UMNO redneck is someone who has a short fuse. He/she believes the DAP is a communist party. The DAP is anti-Malay, anti-Islam and anti-Malay rulers. The UMNO redneck will announce that this year’s Malaysia Day celebrations Pahang Chapter are held in Raub because the opposition MP of Raub has been neglecting the people of Raub.

But what the government MP done for Raub over the umpteen years they were in control of Raub? Every other day, the people of Raub suffer from water outage; affordable housing needs are never met; land distribution has been done unfairly. The people staying at Kampung Sungai Petaling in Gali Hilir has only now seen clogged up drainage systems being cleared after we have sounded the District officer and JPS. That has been done after over 40 years?

What have the government people done?

I will tell you. Hundreds of acres of Malay reserve land in Teras, Sang Lee ad Sungai Chetang have been farmed by MCA people with the connivance of UMNO leaders. Land grab has occurred widely mainly by MCA people and those linked to them. These are Chinese- so why hasn’t the UMNO leadership sounded the alarm? Where have the UMNO rednecks retreated to?

Come to think of it- where has the money derived from the gold mines of raub gone to? We haven’t seen a single monument celebrating Raub as a gold mining town.

And Pahang for that matter. As far as I can remember- Pahang has always been known as a state rich in timber resources. Why have we not seen a single monument celebrating the achievements of the timber industry in the state?

How much have we collected in the form of tax and other charges from the timber industry? Where has the income been applied to?

The DAP is a surrogate of the PAP so that when it comes to power, the Malays will be Singaporised. Singaporised means they will have no protection whatsoever, no special privileges and so forth. They will be marginalised.

That despite the fact that 90 over % of the civil service is Malay; the legitimate coercive forces are Malay, the Malay rulers are Malay, the GLCs are almost always controlled by Malays, the PM’s post and important ministries are always controlled by Malays. Despite all these entrenched safeguards, the UMNO rednecks are worried about the DAP.

Because it works for them- to be able to continue massaging the fears, suspicions and natural rejection of any other person not of the same stock as Malays. It pays to have DAP around, because that provides the UMNO rednecks a default button to trigger Malay aggression.

They are worried because the DAP brings a simple message to the Malays and the rest of the Malaysian citizens. Free yourselves from the mental bondage that UMNO has wielded all this while.

The Malays are backward because they don’t want clever people to lead them. They want UMNO rednecks to lead. It’s very easy to pick a fight, mobilised martial groups. That only requires emotional appeal. To reason out why Malays need not fear any government that comes into power requires reasoned arguments. That’s too taxing on the intellectual portion of the brain it seems. On the other hand, emotional outbursts which are responded by equally emotional support, requires a single spark which is easily accomplished by manipulators and instigators.

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