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Sunday, November 19, 2023



  • FRISCO, Nov 18 — Malaysia secured RM63.02b proposed investments in US
  • RM8.33b from investment mission to US organised before Apec
  • remaining (RM55b) from various one-on-one meetings here
  • Abbott Labs, Mondelez, Amsted Rail, Hematogenix, PerkinElmer, Ford, Boeing, Amazon Web Services, Enovix, and Lam Research.
  • remaining secured from one-on-one meetings with Google, Enovix (again?), Microsoft, TikTok as well as TPG
  • TikTok’s investment is quite big

(OSTB : Here we go again. This time it is RM63 Billion. Tik Tok? Woi isnt Tik Tok a Chinese company?)

it all boils down to how fast Malaysia approves these investments.
taking into consideration any necessary approval and incentives
need to establish a one-stop centre 
one-stop agency should be more proactive

(OSTB : "it all boils down to how fast Malaysia approves these investments" ?? need to establish one-stop centre ??   

Ok thats a fair point. Woi who is the fellow running the country? Call the fellow. Ask him to approve quickly. Tell him to do one stop center. Cepat cepat. Dont play play.)  

  • Malaysia actively courting electric vehicle players, including Tesla.
  • he seems to be positive about Tesla’s presence in Malaysia

(OSTB : Tesla again? This is the second round kah? What happened to this announcement in July 2023:

My Comments : 

I say what happened to that RM19 billion MOU with China? 

By the way Tik Tok is a Chinese company, with the Chinese government holding a golden share.

  • Corporate structure :  TikTok is owned by ByteDance. 
  • ByteDance, based in Beijing, and its subsidiary TikTok Ltd incorporated in Caymans
  • April 2021, state-owned Cyberspace Administration of China and China Media Group, the China Internet Investment Fund, purchased 1% stake in ByteDance's main Chinese entity. The Chinese government's stake is a golden share.


The following information was sent to me by sdra Norman Fernandez. Thank you.

in first 10 months alone no less than 20 trips abroad
first trip to China in April, resulted in US$39b new investment (RM181 Billion!!)
followed up another trip to China in Sept RM19.85 billion
This was achieved on a day trip

(OSTB : Wow! Imagine if he had stayed the night).

then two day trip to UAE secured RM40.6 billion.

(OSTB : Wow! So 40 + 20 + 181 + 63 = RM304 billion already. 
Plus that RM19 billion MOU with China = RM323 Billion. 
Wow that is 1/5 or 20% of the country's GDP.

Cant wait for the Stock Market to open tomorrow. 
Mesti segar bugar.

Here is something from 2010 - THIRTEEN YEARS AGO.

Development Of 5 Economic Corridors On Schedule, says Abdullah
5/3/2010 — BERNAMA
Development of the five regional economic corridors under the Ninth Malaysia Plan to achieve balanced development in the country is according to schedule, its adviser Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Monday.

5 Economic Corridors? Nothing much happened. Nothing came out of that. 
Those of you who are below 35 years of age may not even know what I am talking about.

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