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Monday, November 20, 2023

Court rejects bid to annul Maglin’s appointment as MyPPP president


The High Court ruled that it had no jurisdiction to review party-related issues. (Reuters pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: M Kayveas today failed to obtain permission from the High Court here to initiate a judicial review to annul the appointment of the late Maglin Dennis D’Cruz as president of the People’s Progressive Party (MyPPP).

Federal counsel Hairuliqram Hairuddin, representing the attorney-general’s-chambers (AGC) when contacted said Justice Amarjeet Singh rejected the application via email.

M Kayveas.

Kayveas’s lawyer Syereen Tang confirmed the matter.

On Aug 3, the AGC objected to the leave for judicial review because the issue raised by Kayveas, 69, could not be judicially reviewed as it violated Section 18C of the Societies Act 1966, adding that the court had no jurisdiction to review party-related issues.

Kayveas filed the motion on July 7, naming the home minister and Registrar of Societies (RoS) as the first and second respondents respectively.

The application was filed on the grounds the two respondents failed to take into account the party’s 67th annual general meeting (AGM), held on March 19, where Maglin was appointed MyPPP president, was invalid because the 13 individuals who attended the meeting had been sacked as members effective April 25, 2018.

Among other things, the veteran politician sought to declare the party’s AGM void and claimed that Maglin’s appointment contravened the party constitution.

He also sought an order to overturn the decision of a home ministry officer, made through a letter dated April 11, in approving the appeal against the party’s deregistration.

MyPPP was deregistered on Jan 14, 2019.

Maglin died last Friday at the age of 67. - FMT

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