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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

PAS wants probe on BTN

PAS deputy president Nasharudin Mat Isa asked the government today to investigate the National Civics Bureau (BTN) training programme and not just an individual for uttering racist remarks.

The Bachok MP said the Cabinet’s decision to investigate only the Federal Territory BTN Deputy Director Hamim Husain was insufficient.

“They should look at the whole system not just an individual. Were the racist remarks the results of BTN training?” Nasharudin told The Malaysian Insider.

“If it was already part of their training programme, then the whole BTN must be looked into,” he added.

“For a country that has progressed at this stage, we should not have this problem. It reflects badly on our whole system,” said Nasharudin.

The Cabinet at its weekly meeting today decided to direct the Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Sidek Hassan to investigate Hamim’s alleged racist remarks made at a Puteri Umno gathering on Monday.

Hamim had referred to the Chinese and Indian community as “Si Mata Sepet” and “Si Botol” respectively when asking Puteri Umno members to approach the non-Malays for votes.

“The ‘si mata sepet’ that has never gone to a mosque or surau only has one vote. The ‘si botol’ that only knows how to go up to Batu Caves up and down only has one vote,” said Hamim.

Today Nasharudin said the state agency must return to its original objectives, which is to instill patriotism among civil servants and undergraduates.

“Promoting patriotism should not lead to spreading hatred,” he said.

“It has now become an agency to ensure BN remains in power, to instill fear. They show pictures of PAS leaders during training, calling us enemies of the state,” said Nasharudin.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had early this year promised to revamp the BTN programme to be in line with his 1 Malaysia concept, which was introduced to promote racial unity.

courtesy of Malaysian Insider

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