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Monday, September 27, 2010

Spinning Embarrassment

These are the pics the rabid Maha's are posting without much commentary. They are claiming that yesterday's gathering by Perkasa was a success when it fact just a CURSORY glance of the pictures reveal it to me more like a Cultural event (check out the lady in pink). There are only a few Perkasa flags and you can easily count the crowd as no more than 3,000.

Yes 3,000 folk of which at least 30% have no clue why they are there but just decided to escape the boredom of a Saturday to see the man who had caused them hardship decade spew his propaganda.

For me, Dr. Mahathir has absolutely no principles of decency for even having the gall to appear in Kelantan. He alone had blocked development aid to Kelantanese, forcing thousands to endure a substandard lifestyle, bereft of the basic facilities like piped water and sewage system, on account of them exercising their democratic right to chose their own State Government.

But back to Perkasa's failed event.

In it Dato Ibrahim Ali tried to use it as a launching pad to become Menteri Besar of Kelantan. He criticized the current Menteri Besar, Tok Guru Nik Aziz, blaming him for lack of development. He however failed to mention that his co-emcee for the day, the nefarious Tun Dr Mahthir had blocked aid to the state in his attempt to "starve the people of development" so that they will eventually relent and submit to him. For your information, Kelatan was within a whisker of becoming a BN ruled state in 2004. Kelatanese do not hate BN. They just despise, like most others, the persona of Mahthir Mohammad.

Dato Ibrahim Ali knew this. Thus he hatched a plan. The PAS State Government had allowed this renegade independent MP to hold his road show in a nearby stadium. But he was afraid to do so because chances are the stadium will be empty. He decided to hold this road show on the steps of a train station.

The steps of a Train Station???????

Yes, because that is a place that is frequented by many. There is always a crowd there, and people hang around that area. He could attract people to come for his event so it won't reveal the reality of the so called support for Perkasa, which remains a pipe dream.

But I cannot fault Dato Ibrahim Ali. He is a manipulator and an out of the box thinker. He managed to get himself elected on a PAS ticket and then did a complete turn around to stab the PAS hierarchy in the back and in the front.This is his character. Dr. Mahathir likes this sort of people.

However this lack of support does raise a certain question. Last week, the Prime Minister when presented with a golden opportunity to stick in to Ibrahim Ali and his Maha rhetorics dithered and did a complete u-turn. His loyal generals were humiliated. Forget KJ (due to the agenda of the Mahas), even the erstwhile party man Tengku Adnan was attacked in the most unbecoming manner.

And for what?

To placate a man who draws a crowd by speaking next to train station?

courtesy of Wengernomics

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