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10 APRIL 2024

Monday, September 27, 2010

Reengineering UMNO's DNA

Ibrahim Ali, the Perkasa leader these days is behaving like a runaway train, carrying with it some deadly cargo threatening to cause mayhem and destruction to anyone trying to stop his Perkasa rambling from losing relevance and support from the only group it was set up to protect, the Malays.

He is like the Malay version of Don Quixite (an apology Miguel de Cervantes) to fighting imaginary opponents in his quest to be the modern Malay chivalry hero.

Known for snubbing everyone who questions his tactics, making demands and filing police reports at anyone who make disparaging remarks or question anything about the Malays and ranting like a raging bull if the police does not take immediate actions against person(s) they have filed police report, he is his quintessential self once again. This time against some of the big guns of UMNO, three in fact

His latest warning sans the keris, perhaps due to his respect for his own kind, is directed at Khairy Jamaluddin, Nazri Aziz, Tengku Adnan Mansor. Three Malay leaders who have been the strongest defender of the race and have been accused as 'racists' by the opposition is Ibrahim Ali's latest in his warning list.

And he has supposedly a secret weapon like many ex UMNO fellos have, not like some with boxes of dirty secrets too but still hidden somewhere including those who rejoined like a certain Ez-fello.

IA didn't exactly mentioned of boxes of dirty secrets of UMNO fellos but he did give a hint of similar such 'juicy' details that is only known within the UMNO circle. But he seemed to have hinted he got something even more 'juicy'.

"I can tell you who is Khairy Jamaluddin, Nazri Aziz, Tengku Adnan Mansor because I know their DNA. If I reveal their DNA then we will continue our fighting so let it stop here."

So how does one interpret such threats? DNA is something very intimate, something like knowing things beyond skin deep. Does it imply revealing all the dirt collected from the 'I scratch your back and you scratch yours!". A game that politicians play where each know their dirty secrets and have a hold on one another, like some kind of 'insurance' where the game is played along the rules 'if i scratch you back, you continue scratching mine too'. And the lid that holds all the dirty secret in, it this thing call 'power'. It's like a deck of cards, if anyone wink and one starts to expose the 'secrets', every card in that deck wobbles and a domino effect will happen!

The ball is now at these dynamic trio's feet, whether they will finch on IA's bluff or just ignore it simply because they don't have any DNA of interest to anyone, or they have just as much knowledge of IA's DNA to have the comfort that the 'scratching each other back's game will continue' and broken by IA.

Is that how Perkasa, an NGO tries to muscle itself into UMNO's territories, by this ransom kind of threat? This NGO seemed to be given full reign of behaving like a political party and UMNO seemed helpless to control them. Now the leader seemed to be holding onto the 'crown jewels' of any UMNO leader who is not giving it full support or disobey the UMNO leader who has not deserted Perkasa but given it tacit support.

So will these three leaders succumb to IA's DNA exposure and tow the line of the leader, no not UMNO's but rather Perkasa'?

Is IA"s threat for real so that noone derails his plan to make himself perhaps the new 'Hang Tuah' and defender of the Malay race?

IA's is a very smart and shrewd politician. Though many challenged him to form a political party to contest and prove that he has more Malay support for him and the party than UMNO or PKR, he knows his Perkasa will fade into oblivion in the election of he fails to win any seat. And it will vindicate the UMNO leaders that they are the rightful 'ketuanan' of the Malays and that Perkasa is a mere 'distraction' and an 'irritant' as the three leaders he threatened at sometime have remarked about Perkasa.

A good leader does not threaten or blackmail opponents to win support. If he uses that, he actually loses support and respect really. It shows you do not have the charisma and leadership and your ideas and vision are not shared by the audience you seek to influence to support you. And if you try to buy yourself to power as in money politics and corruption, or use blackmail because you are politically bankrupt of good ideas, you won't get support. Unless your supporters share your own DNA and support your dirty ways, the majority of self respecting BolehLand fellos will use their own conscience to decide for themselves. Like in the last GE12 as an example.

Perhaps the MACC or police may wish to ask our IA what DNA he is talking about? It can't be the good DNA because it will only reinforce the power of the three and decrease Perkasa's and IA. But it isn't bad stuff either because IA is not telling so it's unfair to speculate these three leaders are a wee bit or is a lot 'dirtier' than IAs!

In this round of 'who got the power and more influence UMNO than the Malay', IA seem to have the upperhand. He has defied logic, as he is able to even rewrite the proverbial 'killing three birds with just a drop of DNA'!

The odd thing about this DNA game is our IA and Perkasa who used to share the same DNA with the three leaders, is now grabbing these three by their 'crown jewel'.

Will IA's reengineering of UMNO's DNA lead to a cleaner UMNO by weaning off bad DNAs? Is UMNO needing a blood transfusion from Perkasa's latest surgical strike at their three core artery?

Who can stop this Perkasa Don Quixote train driver and his runaway "Rocinante" iron horse?

courtesy of YAHMEH!!!

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