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Thursday, September 30, 2010

PKR takes Zaid to task for his petulant, divisive campaigning

KEADILAN views with bewilderment Zaid Ibrahim’s recent incessant complaints to the press about the party and the ongoing party election, including an exclusive interview with Utusan Malaysia which he had once called a Gestapo paper. Has he forgotten that he was once the subject of Utusan’s dirty smear campaign during the Hulu Selangor by-election? Has he also forgotten Utusan’s relentless and vicious attacks against Pakatan Rakyat which caused Pakatan Rakyat to dismiss the newspaper?

Zaid has also made unkind insinuations that certain leaders including Tian Chua and Gobalakrishnan had been prevented from contesting for divisional posts when they were in fact free to contest and campaign as they like. As a matter of fact, Tian Chua won the divisional chief post of Batu while Gobalakrishnan is contesting for divisional chief post at Padang Serai.

Likewise, no one has prevented Zaid from contesting and campaigning for any post including the Presidency.

We find it astonishing that he has frequently compared KEADILAN to UMNO when there is just no comparison as KEADILAN stands for everything UMNO does not. He should stop playing the victim to gain sympathy at the expense of the party.

Instead of complaining publicly on the election and undermining the party,

he should observe the proper organisational procedure by forwarding the details to the Jawatankuasa Pemilihan Pusat (JPP), rather than making sweeping statements of underhand tactics and conspiracy.

We are also perplexed by Zaid’s assertions that the party is blocking his “reform agenda” when party decisions are always collectively made to enhance the party’s progressive and reform-based policies. Zaid should also reveal the so called “reform agenda” and proceed to advocate them through the usual decision making process rather than providing sound bites to the press.

As the KEADILAN Chief for the Federal Territory and also a member of both the Central Leadership Council and Political Bureau, Zaid is at the apex of the party decision making process. He certainly has more than the usual opportunity to express his views. Zaid should also acknowledge that he is part of the party leadership and he cannot avoid the inherent collective responsibility and must respect the party’s decision making process.

KEADILAN wishes to advise him to relook at what KEADILAN has achieved as an agent for reform in this country including the landmark direct party election which has empowered individual party members with equal voting right, irrespective of their positions in the party – a testimony of our commitment towards reform.

In the midst of intense party election, let us not forget who are our real adversary – UMNO/BN, and we are confident that KEADILAN can only emerge stronger after the landmark party election.

Lee Boon Chye
Vice President Keadilan

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