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Sunday, October 31, 2010

the BN circus comes to town !

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin today announced the provision of a RM5 million government allocation for building a new mosque in Batu Sapi near Sandakan. ( here )

Deal No. 1: Here we go again ! A deal is being brokered. And if BN looses in Batu Sapi..... you can forget the mosque and everything below !

He said with the building of the new mosque, Muslims in Batu Sapi could perform their mosque obligations in comfort.

Yeah righhhht Mr. DPM ....as of now the Muslims in Batu Sapi cannot perform their mosque obligations in "comfort" huh ? Why ? Are they praying in open spaces as in the deserts of the Middle East ? In any religion, prayers are to be performed with an pure heart.....not necessarily in "comfort". Remember millions pray every minute somewhere....in agonising war-torn and famine conditions too....but imploring with sincerity to God/Allah for mercy and retributions....not in comfort !

"We (government) are approving this allocation because there are thousands of Muslims here (Batu Sapi). We are able to do so because we have the authority and capability," he said when performing the ground-breaking ceremony for a People's Housing Project in Lupak Meluas.

Why , you did not know there were thousands of Muslims in Batu Sapi before ? Nobody told you ? And yes, of course we know you have the authority and capability Mr. Yassin, sir. Like we don't know who holds the purse-strings ? And who the main contractor will be and sub-contracting crumbs to the local contractors ? Deal No. 1 will take off whoever is in power, right ? But why only now, sir ?

The project involves the building of 500 units of houses costing between RM80,000 and RM100,000 a unit and is scheduled to be completed in two years.

Deal No.2: Again who gets the main contract and what do the locals actually get ? Of course it's good for the locals to be gainfully employed and being a part of the economic pie and all.....but the ones who profit without breaking a sweat are the cronies, right ?

Having three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and living room besides electricity and water supply, the houses are meant for squatters in the area and will be rented out for RM124 a month.

A luxury sir, compared to that "semua-nya okay, dentist" who lives in a RM25 million mansion or the late "gate-keeper" who's family still live in a government issued land and built a "malaghai" but given a NFA (no further action) clearance by your MACC ? Check ?

According to Muhyiddin, only the BN government could deliver the goods unlike Opposition parties like PKR and the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) which he said were only good at "promising the moon and the stars".

Again how can lah ??? I'd like to remind you Mr. DPM....you keep forgetting that we do REALLY know who holds the purse-strings.

As such, he urged the people to continue backing the BN so as to ensure a bright future for themselves and their children.

This is a 52 year old parody Mr. Muhiyuddin Yassin. Try something new. Won't work in today's instant communication access to the various electronic media. And people cannot be fooled anymore, sir. Remember PM Najib's "deal or no deal" in Sibu ?

Deal No.3:
RM40 mil secondary school Later, when speaking at function with civil servants here, Muhyiddin, who is also education minister, announced that the federal government had agreed to approve a request from the Sabah government for an allocation to build another secondary school in Batu Sapi. He said cost of building the school, Sekolah Menengah Batu Sapi 2, estimated to be between RM30 million and RM40 million had been included in the 10th Malaysia Plan and that the project was in line with Sandakan becoming an education hub in Sabah.

But sir, every town has been promised to be some "hub" of something, come every "buy-election", no ? Hahahaha ! Now is the right time for this theatrics isit, Mr. Education Minister ?

"Besides this, RM2.5 million has also been allocated to assist schools in Batu Sapi to purchase needed equipment and upgrade their facilities," he said.

We also know of recent government purchases of bloated prices for equipment and yada...yada...yada.....blah...blah...blah....... Yabadabadooooo !

So Deal or No deal Batu Sapians ??

....or as one commentor puts it "the FD has matured...time to withdraw"

**: parenthesis in red....mine.
- Bernama

courtesy of Shanghai Fish

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