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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Social Contract

I do not really care what this Social Contract that everybody is talking about is really suppose to do. Whether it is about Ketuanan Melayu, or about conferring Bumiputra status on Malays or any Mamak, Indonesians, Mahathir or anybody that UMNO deems fit to have Bumiputra Status. I do not care if this Social Contract was sign by all the representatives of the Malays and non- Malays at that point of time – which in essence means that the signature of these representatives does bind all of us and our descendents and their descendent to this Social Contract! And I really do not care a damm if this Social Contract is crystal clear about it being an irrevocable documents that our founding father have intended for all of us to be bound too in the spirit of Merdeka…and it must be so because the Malays have sacrificed so much of their right to allow the other races to become the Rakyat of Malaysia.

Who can tell me exactly what the Malays have sacrificed?...and before anybody say anything go see what the Orang Asli have sacrificed of their land, their life and their culture in the name of progress and national interest! Go see what the Penans have sacrifice of the same things as these orang asli have sacrificed just so the corrupt government in Sarawak can make hideous amount of timber money for Barisan Nasional politicians...starting from their own Chief Minister down!

When something is wrong – nothing will make it right. Common sense will tell you that in the times that we now live in, racial politics and the use of the racial divide for political gain is simply not on! If you cannot understand this then simply put…you are a bloody idiot!

If there really is such a Social Contract then who will have the common sense to just tear this Social Contract up and sit down to write another Social Contract that is more reflective of the times that we live in? A Social Contract that says that if you choose to call Malaysia your home – then you are entitled to be treated equally as everyone else. Nothing more, nothing less.

And while you are writing that new Social Contract please look at these issues to:
  • Get rid of the Sultans.
  • Look into caring for the underprivileged and the aged – not superficially but in a real and effective way to ensue that their life is worth living.
  • Legislate to ensure that racial discrimination is a criminal offence.
  • No ISA.

And the list goes on…..

So all you people out there referring to the Social Contract cukup lah! What is wrong is wrong. No amount of legal jargon or agreements can make it right…………stop hiding behind this ‘Social Contract’ written many many years ago….if one ever exists. If you do want a Social Contract then let it be of this times that we are now living in. Common sense will tell you that it is the right thing and sensible thing to do if our country is to have any hope of a decent future.

courtesy of steadyaku47

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