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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Social Contract & 1Malaysia

PM Najib Razak should know that he cannot have the whole cake and eat it. He cannot champion the 'social contract' and promote 1Malaysia at the same time. It would be a hard sell. These two concepts are contradictory.

1Malaysia speaks of unity and equality. 1Malaysia should focus on the primacy and importance of citizenship. Malaysians should be proud of their nation and society. 1Malaysia is consistent with the vision of our forefathers to ensure that Malaysia develops as a secular democratic country.

However, his party had attempted to distort history, create an imaginary multi-tiered society of bumiputera Malay, non-Malay bumiputera, Chinese, Indian and others. His speech at the recent Umno generally assembly intended to stop this twisted notion of social structure and class from being properly debated by researchers, intellectuals and general public.

Years of social intoxication under Umno rule has made it almost impossible for any concept/vision such as Vision 2020, Bangsa Malaysia, 1Malaysia or a just and democratic society to work. The interpretation of Umno's social contract has created a generation of Malay students in one race institutions who are ignorant of the nation's history and its socio-political development. Click on this video to watch an example.

His administration, past administrations and his party annual assemblies have been repeating the same mantra of Malay supremacy, Malay rights and the social contract.

The fact that Umno has failed to acknowledge that Malay competitiveness is being eroded due to this false shield of Malay supremacy is the biggest sin committed by the party in order to sustain its grip on political power.

Malay students are make to believe that they do not have to excel in their studies because they have special birth rights and direct claim to the wealth and resources of this country.

They believe an easy passage in life is being laid for them by the government because they are special and supreme.

The social contract mantra promoted by Umno to get whole sale Malay support is going to erode the Malays socio-economic position in the future. Without real capability, knowledge, skill and communication ability, this special status is not going to help any Malay becoming a successful global citizen.

Malays should not blame other races for not being able to compete in the private sector. The rule of the game in private sector is merit based. There is no special quota or privileges. All participants have to play and accept the same rules.

Sadly, the more Najib preaches about the social contract the worse his reform credibility gets. A reformer should understand how this social contract is poisoning his own community.

Yes, I do agree with some Umno delegates on the 30 percent quota. Why just 30%? Like many others, I would like to see more capable Malays and would be happy if they can earn more than the 30% share of equity through their own capability, business acumen and know-how.

It is time this government stops flip-flopping. Between 1Malaysia and Social Contract ala Umno, the PM should just choose one. He cannot have the whole cake and eat it.

courtesy of straight talk

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