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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Malay Rulers express concern over current political trend

October 31, 2010

The Malay Rulers are united in urging the Malays to be united and not to quarrel among themselves. — Bernama pic
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 31 — The Malay Rulers today urged the people to understand and appreciate the history of the formation of the country and the Federal Constitution founded on the social contract, that is the spirit of consensus and understanding among the races and the concurrence of the Malay Rulers.

“The Malay Rulers uphold that the social contract agreed upon represents an instrument which is the basis of social justice in the country that encompasses the aspirations to achieve the objective of fair economic distribution.

“The attitude of compromise among the races reflects the maturity of the people of various races in this country,” said a statement issued today by the Keeper of the Rulers’ Seal, Engku Tan Sri Ibrahim Engku Ngah, following the 222nd meeting of the Conference of Rulers on Oct 13 and 14.

The statement said that the meeting viewed with great concern the current political trend, which was seen to be stoking racial sentiments and challenging the sovereignty of the Federal Constitution.

It said the meeting took note of current developments as well as the anxiety expressed by individuals and non-governmental organisations over matters touching on Islam, the position of the Malay Rulers, the Malays and the Malay language.

The Conference of Rulers, according to the statement, also viewed with concern the prevalence of such crimes which could be categorised as serious crimes that could threaten the country’s security, peace and image.

The statement said the Malay Rulers and all the Yang Dipertua Negeri understood and appreciated the efforts of the federal government to unite the people based on the spirit enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

The Malay Rulers, it said, urged all the people, regardless of race and religion, to continue to be united and remain loyal to the country in the maintenance of national sovereignty and prosperity.

“Everyone has a role in national development. The Malay Rulers hope that all the people will continue to respect and abide by the Federal Constitution and prevailing laws and avoid actions which can lead to racial quarrels, misunderstanding and suspicion which could undermine national prosperity and harmony.

“For the sake of the sovereignty and harmony of the country which we love, the Malay Rulers hope that the people will not allow outside involvement and interference in the country’s affairs,” the statement said.

It said the Malay Rulers also urged the Malays to be united and not to quarrel among themselves, based on the spirit of Islamic brotherhood, so that they were neither marginalised nor their position eroded in the course of national development.

“Leaders of Malay organisations should seek out similarities, engage in discussions with prudence and wisdom, and protect and champion the plight of the Malays,” the statement said.

The Malay Rulers emphasised that the integrity of the Malay race and the plight of the Malays would not be safeguarded if the leaders of Malay organisations were inclined to quarrel and chose to be at loggerheads.

“The Malay Rulers pray that beloved Malaysia always remains peaceful and its multiracial people continue to be united, prosperous and peaceful.

“Hopefully, Malaysia continues to receive the protection and blessings of Allah (God),” the statement said. — Bernama

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