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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Umno website Malaysia Instinct corrects the wrong Chinese version of Malayan history

These Chinese with immigrants’ mentality refuse to acknowledge that Malaysian history doesn’t start from Malaya but it started way back from Tanah Melayu and beyond. Malays have been here since God created the Malay race, and that was how this land was called Tanah Melayu.

The Fall of Malacca was caused by the ungrateful Chinese: Soi Lek's hopeless attempt to manipulate history

By Terrence Fernandez, Malaysia Instinct

We are not at all surprised when DAP starts questioning the decision to make History a core subject and a must pass for SPM. “Why brought the matter in the UMNO Assembly?” So they asked. Well, why not?

DAP is the only political party in the world who would go to the extent of trying to change the history in their quest to justify their lust and greed to dominate and conquer.

They have been pushing the Malaysians to believe that communists too, were the heroes who fight for Independence. Not mentioning how fighting for Independence would mean killing our very own soldiers and civilians.

Denying history is such a ridiculous thing to do. Trying to change the facts of what happened is a dirty way of fighting. If DAP wants to fight for power, at least do it gentlemanly.

But we already know who DAP is – hopeless racists. What we are questioning here is who Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek really is.

Soi Lek went against the PM’s order to stop questioning the Malay Rights almost as immediately as the announcement was made. Soi Lek told the reporters that the issue of Malay Rights will still be discussed in closed doors.

When the Education Ministry announced the move to make history a compulsory for SPM, Soi Lek again voiced out his ‘concern’ that History textbooks tend to predominantly favour a particular race and religious civilization.

And by mentioning ‘race and religion’, we know for a fact that Soi Lek is referring to the Malays and Islam.

It doesn’t make any sense when Soi Lek said that the subject should be reviewed to make it racially fair.

How could history record be unfair? History is history and it is recorded as it is.

Naturally, Malays and Islam are dominantly recorded in history of this country because Malays are the original settlers and Islam has been their religion ever since Parameswara converted to Islam in the 15th centuries or even earlier in 1326 when Batu Bersurat Terengganu was written.

Soi Lek is a typical example of ‘immigrants’ mentality of the Malaysian Chinese but yet insists that he is a loyal citizen.

These Chinese with immigrants’ mentality refuse to acknowledge that Malaysian history doesn’t start from Malaya but it started way back from Tanah Melayu and beyond. Malays have been here since God created the Malay race, and that was how this land was called Tanah Melayu.

It’s the word ‘Melayu’ or ‘Malay-land’ is what bothers these Chinese so much, am I right, Soi Lek? You are a racist, aren’t you? Just like DAP, huh?

If race is all that matters to Soi Lek and DAP, I would like to urge them to read this part of the history of our country:

According to Relazione del primo viaggio intorno al-mondo (Report on the first voyage around the world) written by Antonio Pigafetta, when the Portugese first attacked Malacca, there were 20,000 Malaccan soldiers which include mercenaries from Java, Persian and other Islamic countries. There were 3,000 artilleries and 20 elephants plus Turkish made guns and explosive weapons. Needless to say that it was quite an equal fight in terms of weaponology.

Malacca was only defeated by Alburquerque when five Chinese ‘jongs’ (ships) and a few others owned by Indian traders teamed up with Portugese. The Chinese traders were the ones leaking information to the Portugese on Mallaca’s strength and weaknesses. They were also the ones telling the Portugese to hijack the food supplies from Java and that all the supply was stored in the middle of the city.

Alburquerque then borrowed a number of ships from the Chinese traders and gave them an exclusive place on the galleon to watch the whole war.

In actual, there are many more historical facts that are not exposed just to avoid hurting the good and the loyal Malaysian Chinese. The history of the Chinese betrayal, did not end in Malacca.

The Chinese were known to be gangsters and cruel to the locals. History was also not recorded correctly when Yap Ah Loy was said to have opened Kuala Lumpur, whereby the city was actually founded much earlier by the Malays.

There, that’s a fair mentioned of race ‘contribution’ in the country’s history for Soi Lek’s information. Obviously, somehow, somewhere, Soi Lek had missed this part of the history lesson in school.

Ministry of Education must emphasize this part of the history just to ensure that all races are equally mentioned in the reviewed textbooks.

Being tolerant people, we have always honoured the Chinese who had fought for the country including the Perak Ex-Police Chief who was killed by the communists and so were the Chinese Special Branch officers and others who were responsible for the success of overcoming communist activities and organized crimes.

These heroes were never left out in the country’s historical record.

As for DAP, I doubt they learn anything significant about this country’s history in the vernacular schools. If I’m not mistaken, history subject in Chinese schools emphasize more on Mao Tze Tung rather than Parameswara.

Now, this is why the announcement of making history a core subject was made in an UMNO Assembly.

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