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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Doc refuses notes to keep conspiracy agst Anwar from unraveling

Anwar, Najib - once allies, now arch rivals
Malaysia Chronicle

The controversial sodomy trial of Malaysian Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim descended further into farcical territory when it resumed on Thursday, with one of the doctors who had examined the complainant two years ago stoically refusing to refer to his clinical notes although he clearly could not remember the series of complex tests that were conducted.

“Everyone can see Dr Razali is struggling but if he was to ask to refer to his notes just once - that would be the end for the prosecution’s case because it would straightaway entitle the defense to see the notes as well. And this is what the Najib administration is desperate to hide,” Batu MP Tian Chua told Malaysia Chronicle.

Obstacles to prevent conspiracy from unraveling

Anwar has accused Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor for plotting the latest conspiracy in a bid to derail his political comeback.

One of the many Sodomy II spoofs
And the flimsiness of the evidence produced so far plus shenanigans such as what happened at court with the doctor this morning have convinced Malaysians and lawmakers from all around the world that Anwar was telling the truth but Najib may not.

Perhaps knowing they were on shaky ground because Anwar has said he had alibis, the Najib administration right from the start obstructed the defense's access to key documents, including medical reports, chemists’ reports and witness statements, in clear defiance of United Nations’ fair-trial guidelines.

The PM even tried to deny meeting the complainant Saiful Bukhair Azlan, although he was later forced to admit he had done so. It was only after meeting Najib that Saiful lodged the police complaint that led to the government’s prosecution of Anwar.

On Thursday, lead defense counsel Karpal Singh began by repeating his request to be given access to the doctors’ notes. Again, Judge Mohd Zabidin Mohd Diah refused to allow it, forcing Karpal to grill Dr Razali Ibrahim even though it was clear there were many instances where he could not remember at all.

"What we wanted are the clinical notes. The preliminary medical report is not an issue," said Karpal.

Even what sort of photos were taken, the doctor could not remember

Karpal made it clear he did not believe the answers given by Razali were the same as those jotted down in the notes. Nonetheless, the judge refused to budge.

Razali - unable to remember
Among questions that Karpal and later his colleague Sankara Nair asked included whether Dr Razali was aware that Saiful had hours earlier undergone similar examination at Hospital Pusrawi, another government-operated facility in the Kuala Lumpur area.

They also asked if lubricant had been used by Dr Razali’s team, if Saiful had complained of pain when a proctoscopy was carried out, what type of length instrument was used and if photographs were taken of Saiful’s private parts.

At many instancea, the doctor had to admit he could not remember. But he still refused to call for his notes.
The court has stood down for lunch and will resume at 2pm.

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