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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Everything you wanted to know about Taib*

by Uppercaise

* but were afraid to ask….

I just want to make sure that [the people of Sarawak] receive all the information about what has been happening to their resources and to their wealth, so that they can make an informed choice. This is their right and BN have corruptly denied them that right by suppressing the freedom of the media and persecuting people who speak out or hold the government to account.

Everything you wanted to know about Taib Mahmud

Because of the abuse of the ISA law and the abuse of power generally, no journalist or opposition person who speaks out about the corruption in Sarawak is safe from persecution. It is for this reason that I am providing this one vital service from the safety of a distant country, where the role of objective journalism is still respected and protected. It is up to Sarawakians how they wish to spread the news.

My agenda is the agenda of the people of Sarawak, whose jungle and resources have been greedily taken leaving them destitute. So many of the people I have met there have asked me for whatever help I can give them in exposing their terrible problems and now they are warmly thanking me. This is my agenda and I will stop the moment people from Sarawak no longer want or need my help.
Clare Rewcastle Brown
» the person behind Sarawak Report
MalaysiaKini interview

Probe ‘billionaire’ Taib, MACC is told

The human rights ground Suaram wants Taib Mahmud investigated by the anti-corruption agency in light of shocking exposures (mostly from Sarawak Report) of a long list of foreign assets allegedly linked to Taib’s family. » MORE at Free Malaysia Today…

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