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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Looky who's talking again !

With reference to and according to that fictional text-book used for today's Form 5 school literature"Interlok" all Malaysians of Indian origin are considered pariahs, right, so to be declassified as such you convert to Islam and voila !.......you are now suddenly a Malay !

So who is the father of all traitors to the Malaysians of Indian origins ? You guessed it ! The irrelevant and senile old Tun. But who cares what he wanted to be. That is his prerogative, but please don't condemn and run others down lah. Respect is in treating others first as human beings and created by the same God/Allah/Guru/Samy/Tuhan or any other name you deem fit to call your maker. Why must anyone be superior to another ? Tun is a Malay with all the special privileges as a Bumiputra (son of the soil) when even the indigenous peoples of this country that he plundered are not accorded. This man is going insanely scared and frustrated with what little time he has left. ( read here and here ) And to further understand the Tun's current status go read this article here !

Such is the fcuk-up of our Malaysian history, savagely butchered/ommited/edited/ distorted by corrupted and ambitious bigots within the-powers-that-be for the past 40 odd years by the likes of UMNO and now this racist bunch of idiots who also call themselves Perkasa.

Sheeesh !

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