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Monday, February 28, 2011

Rosmah to voters: Tell me, not tell Najib or tell DPM

With each passing by-election the political gambits are getting even more ridiculous. The indication is, come GE-13 even Cinderella’s stepmother would lose out for her wickedness.

The coming by-elections in March is already witnessing so much absurdities. The most recent being the canvassing calls of “If we win, you win”. Another says, “if you want to see good times, make us win”.

All these are short of wrapped threats. It simply means ‘you better watch out if you do not vote for me’.

How can one go down to the voters and talk to them like this? Shouldn’t common sense dictate that you un-wrap your abilities and pledge to fulfil these and with the singular hope of convincing your potential voter as to why he or she should consider the candidate?

The very fact that BN is the ruling champ, shouldn't they be saying: 'Look at what we have done for you so far here in your constituency. Help us to continue doing the track record good job'.

And it is worst kind of politics to announce big spending for constituencies that are on the fringe of an election. It is immoral really. Why couldn’t the government do so when they last won the election? Why only now? Have the ruling party reached such desperate lows that it does not care for the image and reputation it will earn from the discerning many?

If only BN had done its duty right all this while, it need not even have to go canvassing door to door using the PM’s wife. The people will have no hesitation in returning their vote to BN. Is this hard to comprehend?

Hence,'we win, you win' could simply mean: 'We have not done a good job but you have only one choice'.

It is reported that the First Lady of Malaysia – now ‘Kak Mah’ has also joined the parade. For her it even goes further. If the BN candidate you vote “does not do anything, tell me”. Wow! Not tell the PM. Not tell the DPM. Not tell the cabinet ministers. But tell the spouse of the PM.

And what kind of politics is it when the spouse of the presiding Prime Minister tells voters to come to her if the candidate they voted to win is not performing? Now who is running this nation- the PM and his Cabinet or just Datin Paduka Rosmah? - Malaysia Chronicle

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