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Monday, February 28, 2011



Ranjit’s comment taken from here.

Allow us to spell out for you the bottomline. Interlok should be withdrawn from the BM paper as its literature component (Komponen Sastera or ‘komsas’).

Please be clear about this. Interlok is NOT in the Malay Literature (Kesusasteraan Melayu) subject. Interlok is instead in the Bahasa Melayu subject. BM is the most important paper in SPM which the student cannot afford to fail.

If Interlok were merely in Malay Literature, students could have the option of not taking it. Or even if they did but fared badly, the repercussions would not be as severe as flunking BM.

Interlok is in the compulsory, must-pass BM subject (under Komsas as one of the paper’s core components). Are you clear now on how Komsas and Kesusasteraan Melayu are two different areas?

One Malaysiakini subscriber Anonymous_3e4b commented on the Interlok rally:

Uthaya and Waytha should know that and party outside PR will give spoil the Rakyats dream of kicking BN out of Putrajaya. Work together with PR and dont issue threats. We Malaysians especially the Chinese will vote PR as we know our voice can only be heard through the ballot box.

Balik-balik these Cina Pek have only one idea in their head: Don’t anyone dare interfere with Pakatan’s march to Putrajaya.

Yesterday’s rally was calling for the withdrawal of Abdullah Hussain’s novel from the syllabus. Pakatan over the last three months have not given the slightest indication that they will act to pressure the authorities to remove Interlok from the schools.

On the other hand, Pakatan are setting ‘leadership by (bad) example’.

Insider reported on Jan 22, ‘DAP to use Interlok in Tenang, says Kula’.

DAP vice-chairman M. Kulasegaran was reported saying that his party will capitalize on the controversy to win Indian votes in the by-election.

Do the politicians care at all how Interlok will affect students? Must everything be about votes for Pakatan?

Anonymous_3e4b (same guy quoted above) plays the broken record of bashing the powerless: “to the Indians who’ve been flocking back to BN & voting UMNO/BN in the past few by few by-elections……..there’s UMNO’s gratitude to you.”

Many other readers’ comments run along the same track: “Serve the Indians right for being arrested, as they are the ones who asked for it by voting for bloody racist UMNO and BN parties”, “My fellow Indian brothers, still want to vote for BN?”

Round and round they keep circling and returning to “Don’t vote for BN”.

From Pakatan’s resounding silence, to their failure to support the rally, to their de facto leader Anwar saying it’s “a good book”, the opposition has been thoroughly non-committal about Interlok. They have not given a hint that they even realise what is at stake and the ramifications — how entirely demoralizing and damaging it is to the young.

The real issue has not been on the Pakatan radar. If it were, you’d have heard something more substantial from DAP publicity chief Tony Pua (who so likes to appear in the papers) or reading it in Lim Kit Siang’s popular blog instead of here.

We echo Ranjit Singh, “Take your Pakatan agenda and shove it!”

- Hartal MSM

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