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Monday, February 28, 2011


Our supporters are now heading to Bkt Jalil police station to show their solidarity with the 12 arrested members

12.10 am The 12 remaining have been taken to Bkt Jalil police station and would spend the night in lock up for wanting to organise a candle vigil
Police is playing a game with us. The 14 arrested earlier in Jinjang have been taken to Jalan Dang Wangi Police station. Our people are now heading to Dang Wangi to lend support to our other brothers ans sisters there.

Try as they main with their mighty show of strength which is highly questionable on the lawfulness or reasonable use of force by the police semi column fail to check the equally determined small group of peaceful protesters who refuse to be silence on their believes and have successfully shown at the international level of a hypocritical PM who had the bear face cheek to criticize the LIBYAN colonel using unjustified force again his citizen yet resorted to the same show of violent and racist behaviour.

10.10am The 4 in Putrajaya have been released and are making their way to join the rest in Jinjang. Now left 14 more in Jinjang. Our people’s spirits are very high. we have proven to UMNO that they are truly a racist regime.

9.00pm Uthayakumar is now at the Jinjang Police station fighting for the release of 12 Hindraf well wishers who were arrested when they were about to hold the candle light vigil.

4 more Hindraf leaders, Jayathas Hindraf Chief, Ramesh Ipoh chief Selvam selangor chief and Captain Bala have been taken to Putrajaya Police station. Thier status is unknown and our Selangor team have made thier way to Putrajaya. In the interim our Supporters have regrouped in Jinjang temple.
7.35 pm Sambu, Thiaga, Naragan and P.Uthayakumar are released. Negeri Sembilan chief Sivakumar and Taxi Rajah were arrested again
7.10pm Our people been arrested in front of balai Jinjang. Stay with us
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Please send sms’s to all Indians to come to come to Jinjang Police station now and we will hold our peaceful protest on interlok and demand for the release of Hindraf leaders.

Hindraf- President Waythamoorthy addressing ground supporters LIVE

Uthayakumar is in IPD Sentul. He was arrested because of the illegal gathering and trying to organise HINDRAF Rally. With him at the IPD is Perak HRP chief Ramesh and Kedah Chief Ramu. He has asked inspector Shaharudin, the arresting officer to lodge a report on my unlawful arrest, abuse of police power and racism of the UMNO government against the Indian poor of Malaysia article 8,10 and 12 of the federal constitution. The struggle continues .

Manoharan Malayalam just came to Jinjang. I have advised him to particularly look into the welfare of Sambu and Selvan who are badly injured. He would insist that police take them to the hospital.

The Police is threatening to divide the arrested into 2. This is so that the groups that are gathered is also divided. But our guys have been advised to stay put at same place Jinjang. Please call all your friends to come to jinjang to hold the candle vigil all night long. surf more in www.hindraf4you.blogspot.com

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