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Sunday, February 27, 2011

INTERLOK – Unnecessary politicking

  • Though the issue has been around for sometime now, I chose to abstain from raising my view as I wanted to see how some our leaders will handle the matter. Right now, Muhyuddin in my opinion failed the acid test. A small matter has become a national matter and has become a sore point among the people.

  • I don’t know who started the caste system in India. It is wrong and does not jive with Islamic teachings. It is unfortunate for an innocent child is born in a wrong cast like pariah and continues to live with such a brand on their head. He did not ask to be born in this cast and it is not right to continue being reminded as such.

  • For any books to be use as teaching material in the national school it must meet certain standard. One of the standards should be about national cohesion. The book INTERLOK failed this test. There isn’t a need to remind the children of this nation about something that strongly practiced by the previous generation. The caste system is practice minimally today in Malaysia and it is best that it should not be reminded.

  • Muhyuddin once glorified that he has a solution. Later it turns out that his solution is to replace the word pariah in the book with some other word. I think this is the silliest decision a man can do. The book is not his. The author of the book prides his work with his writings and you don’t change the work of an author just at your whims and fancies.

  • The problem could have been nipped in the bud. There are thousands of books there on the shelf that could be used. It is not that we are dearth with reading materials which is to be used in school. It is PERKASA and Muhyuddin who made a mess on the whole issue. Why blame on HINDRAF?

  • Muhyuddin and PERKASA should be the first to be put in the police lock up. It is simply dereliction of duties and the excessive politicking by all parties. It is still not too late to do something about it.

    courtesy of Rights2Write(R2W)
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