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Sunday, February 27, 2011

a "pendatang" does good !

As the title suggests, credit has to be given where and when due as I read of a Malaysian businessman who has done very well financially and now doing his "patriotic" contributions in giving back to society half his fortunes of what he has amassed in his lifetime. This is one of them. That's truly big of Vincent. Vincent Tan might not be the most lovable nor your favourite guy to discuss on a Sunday morning, but I got to say this....sybas Tan Sri Vincent Tan. (read here )

To Perkasa and other frustrated race-labelling racists, I say "go stick your head up an orifice where the sun don't shine"!

See, the empire this guy built was through his"high and tight politician" connections and shrewed (or even "dirty" as some of you might want to add !) business methods of depriving others of their rice-bowl also goes to show how easily people gave in to challenges. His rise to riches must be put down as "strictly a business strategy". And don't forget that it was the UMNO government who were weak and corrupt in principles and in aiding this "pendatang" to be where he is today, a multi-billionaire ! Thank you BN !

Now if only we can "collect" from all those other corrupt elitists in the BN government what they have robbed blind from us, the rakyat, for donkey years, we'd soon be a very rich country. We would, you know.....once we're committed to agree to change the government. We can start with the grand-master of corruption the maha Tun himself followed by the "tempe-faced" Toyol and very quickly make our way to Sarawak to nab the rogue Taib and over a hundred others ! Are you with me ?

In the meantime enjoy your Sunday tits and bits and pray we are not hearing another one of that"Ellie the compulsive lying and delusional Lebanese billionaire" similar pledging story all over again from this generous Malaysian tagged with a "pendatang" label !
Cheers to Vincent but no cheers to the police of the arrests made this morning in KL where the Hindraf rally is taking place right now !

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