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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Of Gays and Pretty Boys ... in Umno

What is this world coming to? It may be normal for Malaysians to indulge in such relationships, but a Government Minister as well? Not that I have anything personal against the non-heterosexual, but sodomy is a sin in Prime Minister Najib Razak's government! So, is he going to investigate this allegation?

With the ongoing trial of Anwar Ibrahim, it wouldn’t really reflect well to have another sodomy scandal. We wouldn’t want our country to be a subject of ridicule in the eyes of the world again.

Although, homosexuality is accepted in many countries and gay couples can freely get married, sodomy is a crime punishable by the Law here in Malaysia. So here in Malaysia, we have to protect our asses with our lives. By the way, is there any insurance for violated nether regions?

Coming back to the subject matter, Malaysia has a small population of gays and transvestites. They go by the names of Pretty boys, Aqua!, Pondan and Mak Nyahs, Society tends to look down on them, for whatever reasons,, calling them queer. Some of us cannot accept them for what they are, probably due to our own inferiority complex.

Come evening, you can see them parading in the dark alleys of every major city offering their services. They are ravishing, gentle, sexy and ooh..so polite. They call you abang, even though some of us are younger than them. And they can make you happy for half the price.

The government has declared war on them, with recent arrests in Terengganu during a fashion show. It believes such behaviour is unacceptable, that it goes against Moral and Religious norms.

Contrary to what we believe, they are just like us, down to earth, patient, considerate, some holding 9-5 jobs and probably make better friends than other males. The only difference is their DNA, either minus or plus a gene, that makes them transexual. But if agitated, they can run faster than cyborgs, pack a more powerful punch and some can fight like Bruce Lee. You wouldn’t want to mess around with them.

In western society they are accepted, with UK allowing them the right to marry in Church, and the US rescinding the ban on gays in the Armed Forces. Somehow, in Malaysia our lawmakers take a longer time to ponder on such social issues.

Other than transvestites we have the regular Gays. Hunks with bodies like the Hulk. You find them in the regular pubs like Hard Rock Cafe. They approach you if you are young, and timid. Buy you a drink, and occasionally brush your crotch accidentally, so you can take a hint. They move slowly away, after 2 drinks, muttering curses under their breath, if you still can’t take a hint.

With such a healthy population of gays in this country, it’s a wonder there aren’t any other sodomy trials compared to Rape Trials. Maybe, there are, but with such low profile victims, it would probably never ever make it to the press.

Sincerely, I feel that Anwar‘s Sodomy trial is way over publicized. While holidaying in Vietnam recently, a Vietnamese friend remarked about Malaysia’s Sodomy Trial and its whipping of women. Even the Vietnamese knows of our weaknesses. How ironic.

And every so often, while watching TV, the children suddenly asks you...Hey Papa,. “Apa itu SO...DO...MIE?” With your face turning red...you’d probably reply...tak tau,tak tau, tak important.. off kan tv dan start baca buku.

And if you ever come across these pretty boys again, go over and say Hi. Do not ignore them like our Government is ignoring us. - Malaysia Chronicle

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