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10 APRIL 2024

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

'Isn't Umno Youth rallying against sale of Malay land?'

Penang PAS Youth has challenged its rival, Umno Youth, to state its stand against their two leaders who allegedly sold land belonging to the Malay community in Balik Pulau for a huge profit.
State PAS Youth environment and consumer bureau deputy chief Dzul Fahmi Abu Bakar asked if their rivals, who are often very critical of the Penang government over its alleged treatment of the Malay community, can accept what the Umno leaders have done.
NONEDzul Fahmi questioned if Penang Umno Youth chief Shaik Hussein Mydin (right) - who is most vocal in defending Malay rights - has failed to see the “true face” of his party leaders.
“Why haven’t the Umno or Perkasa Youth wings demonstrated to protest what the two Umno leaders have done to the land belonging to the Malay community in Kampung Terang?” he queried.
“Are they sincere in defending the Malays in Penang or are they merely cronies of Umno?” he asked.
Dzul Fahmi was referring to 9.4 acres of land in Kampung Terang belonging to 31 villagers which was recently sold to a private company for RM13.5 million or RM33 per sq ft.
NONEMaison Height Sdn Bhd - owned by state Umno deputy chief Musa Sheikh Fadzir (left) and state BN strategy chief Omar Fuadzar - had purchased the land for RM8.6 million, and later sold it to  Kay Pride Sdn Bhd - a private developer.
Musa owns RM5000,000 shares in Maison Height, while Omar is its managing director with RM449,999 in shares, while a RM1 share is owned by Omar’s brother Omar Harun.
The issue was first exposed by Penang state legislative assembly speaker and PKR Balik Pulau division chief Abdul Halim Hussein, who accused the duo of making a huge profit out of the kampung folks in only four months.

The duo admitted the sale, saying that they were forced to sell the plot as their company had been blacklisted by the state government - an allegation denied by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Meanwhile,  Dzul Fahmi questioned the sincerity of the Umno leaders who often championed Malay rights in Penang.
“If Umno is sincere, they would not be doing this. Does the RM5 million benefit the 31 Malays from Kampung Terang?” Dzul Fahmi asked.
“Even the Malay villagers who do not have university education would find something amiss in the RM5 million profit gained by the two Umno leaders,” he added.
Between business and betrayal
In an immediate response, Shaik Hussein said PAS Youth leaders do not understand the difference between business and betrayal as they might be “ignorant about the former”.
The two Umno leaders had conducted a business transaction, he explained, when the land owners agreed to the sale of the land.
“Musa and Omar’s company has bought the land legally in the eyes of law and Islam and what is more important, there has not been any cheating in the transaction,” Shaik Hussein told Malaysiakini.
Shaik Hussein said Abdul Halim raised the matter as he is lobbying to contest in the Balik Pulau seat under PKR in the coming 13th general election, which is expected to be called soon.
However, Abdul Halim and his PAS comrades should instead be defending the rights of Malays and other communities in the constituency who have been “betrayed” by Guan Eng, he added.
He reminded PAS that the DAP-led government in Penang has also failed to defend the sale of mosque and school land in Bayan Mutiara, affordable housing in Taman Manggis and the eviction of Kampung Buah Pala, Kg Pokok Asam and Mak Mandin residents.
The state government had vehemently denied the allegations, saying that it has not evicted any residents, while land for mosque and schools are provided according to the Penang Municipal Council guidelines.
“PAS should be thankful to Umno for getting them the position of president of the state Islamic Council. They should be busy ensuring that Salleh Man does his work without being afraid of Guan Eng,” said Shaik Hussein.
“Make sure Salleh Man, the Penang PAS commissioner and Permatang Pasir assemblyperson, does not become a spokesperson for Guan Eng, who seems to be diverting attention from the real issue affecting the state including several expose on land scandals by BN” he added.

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