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Monday, July 30, 2012

Waytha gets passport, to return Aug 1

Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) chairperson P Waythamoorthy has secured his passport and is set on returning to Malaysia on Wednesday.

He said the issuance of the passport - which had been revoked by the Malaysian authorities in 2008 - is proof that Hindraf has been fighting for a just cause. 

hindraf isa detainee released all 090509“I am proud as a Malaysian and proud of Hindraf’s struggle to prove that the Malaysian government has done a great injustice to the Indian community,”  he told Malaysiakiniafter obtaining the passport.

“The issuance of my passport is an acknowledgement that we are fighting a legitimate cause.” 

Waythamoorthy has been living in self-exile since late 2007, when talk of an impending clampdown on the Hindraf movement gained steam. 

Five Hindraf leaders, including Waythamoorthy’s brother Uthayakumar, were detained under the Internal Security Act in December that year. 

Since then, Waythamoorthy has based himself in Britain and continued Hindraf’s campaign abroad. His passport was revoked in April 2008.

Now a ‘full Malaysian’

Waythamoorthy said the Malaysian embassy had issued him a passport although he did not produce a Mykad and birth certificate. 

“I told them that my identity card was with the (police) special branch. What was I to do? After some ding-dong and consulting their superiors, they issued the passport. 

NONE“I am now a full Malaysian. I feel that my dignity as a citizen has been restored.”

Waythamoorthy (left) said he will enter the country via Johor Bahru, to perform prayers at a temple with his supporters before heading home to Seremban to meet his family. 

He does not discount the possibility that he may be arrested for his involvement in Hindraf prior to 2008. 

“If they allow me into Malaysia, I will go in. Alternatively, if they have a warrant, I might be arrested,” he said.

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