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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The only security threat is sorry state of police

YOURSAY 'There is nothing threatening the nation except police's inefficiency in protecting the rule of law.'

Police: Extremists pushing LGBT culture and demos

your sayAnakBangsaMalaysia: It is clear now that the Special Branch (SB) has long outlived its usefulness and is now desperately manufacturing imaginary threats to the country in order to justify their continued existence to the BN regime that feeds them.

These are the words of a demagogue filled with spite, who has no compunction in prostituting himself to BN and abusing police powers to further the political aims of BN, no matter the cost to the Malaysian people.

Special Branch assistant director Mohd Sofian Md Makinuddin, your our words are recorded and they will be held against you when the time comes.

Ferdtan: We call upon Mohd Sofian's boss, the inspector-general of police (IGP), to come out to either support or reject the political statement by his lowly subordinate made without offering any evidence.

The police's reputation after Bersih 3.0 rally has already been damaged, and now with such statements it has reached a point of no return - we shall sack the whole lot of them when Putrajaya falls to Pakatan Rakyat.

LittleGiant: The Special Branch officers should get their facts correct before presenting their views and opinions on national security. They should not live on ‘assumptions'. Can they produce real hard evidence to support their claims?

Of course, extremists could use religion and politics to threaten national security. But why should the Special Branch be so myopic and ridiculous in its opinion that people who rally for just causes and LGBTs (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) are extremists?

There are normal people everywhere who have 'extremely different' views and beliefs about religion, politics and culture. They too pay taxes and contribute to the progress and development of the nation through their professions and businesses. Will the Special Branch term these people as 'extremists' too?

It is high time that Special Branch come to accept that corrupt officials in the country's civil service and corrupt politicians walking the corridors of power are a bigger threat to national security and these are the real extremists.

Kenvy11: This is why the national crime rate has never improved. The so-called senior police officer is not even able to categorise criminals, extremists, communists and terrorists correctly.

Vgeorgemy There is nothing threatening the nation except police's inefficiency in protecting the rule of law.

SS2 Girl: Dear Special Branch coppers, here's a thought: national security seems fine to me. It's our own personal security that's ringing alarm bells.

Why don't you stop writing reports that make the ruling party happy and start doing work that make the rakyat, that is the people who pay your salary, happy?

TheSilentMajority: Since when did the police become protectors of religion and morality?

In my area alone, there were three snatch thefts in the last week. Almost every person I speak to knows of some robbery or snatch theft victim at work or home.

Immediately after the last incident, a police 'base' popped up along the street with officers on plastic chairs sitting under umbrellas. So what is this highly technical 'ops' supposed to achieve?

The only thing I can think of is that it's a signal for the perpetrators to move elsewhere... another street, another group of fresh targets.

The rakyat pays for the services of the police. We have a right to demand what these boys in blue are doing about rising crime.

If they want to roam around the streets enforcing political propaganda, they need to do that on their own time. I just want a safe street for us so that I can walk around without fear. Is that possible?

If not, then the home minister, and all those down the line, should resign and let someone else do the job.

Keturunan Malaysia: So what do you want, Mohd Sofian, never mind if it is all unsubstantiated?

The right to clamp down and/or persecute at your whim and fancy as what some of you are good at and famous for? Or a prelude to emergency rule?

Go see a doctor, Mohd Sofian, and if you still cannot get a cure, go bury yourself somewhere so that we don't have to waste our hard-earned money feeding morons like you.

Abasir: As far as I can recall, section heads from E1 to E6 have never made press statements. In fact they remain, in keeping with the nature of their duties, unnamed.

But that was when the SB was a truly professional force, keeping to the governing principles of secrecy and 'need to know basis' and strictly adhering to the chain of command.

What we have here however is an Umno-infiltrated organisation which will say and do anything, as it takes instructions from its political handlers. This is another institution that has been totally undermined and crippled by 'whatshisname'.

Not Confused: What is it with Malaysians that those in authority keep banging on this nebulous national security?

It seems to me that just about anything that suits anyone's purpose is deemed to be a threat to national security. It's about time the adults in this country grow up and talk some sense.

Amoker: "In the past, we were threatened by the communists, but it has ended and the country has succeeded in overcoming it," said Mohd Sofian.

So, Mohd Sofian has just rubbished his earlier statement that communism was still alive in Malaysia and its cadres had infiltrated opposition parties. - Malaysiakini

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