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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

PAS assures won't implement hudud if Pakatan wins GE-13

PAS assures won't implement hudud if Pakatan wins GE-13
PETALING JAYA - PAS will not raise the issue of hudud implementation in Parliament should Pakatan Rakyat assume federal power at the next general election, a senior PAS leader said.
PAS national unity bureau chairman Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa said the party would work with its allies in the coalition to focus on social and economic governance matters, rather than work on imposing hudud or Islamic criminal punishment.
"There is no question of hudud being taken through Parliament because the coalition has bigger issues to address, such as the economic welfare of the people, women's welfare, minimum wages and governance of the country which are stated in both the PR and PAS manifestos," the Parit Buntar MP said in an interview.
Mujahid's assertion is in contrast to the stand taken by PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi, who said on Sunday on Twitter that those who rejected Allah's laws are considered kufur (going against Allah's will), with particular reference to DAP chairman Karpal Singh.
"Karpal is consistent in rejecting hudud because he is a non-believer. PAS must continue with its struggle to uphold Islam," Nasrudin said.
Karpal had on July 23 admonished Nasrudin for calling for hudud to be implemented.
Mujahid also urged PAS leaders to ensure that lower-rank members respect the decisions made during the PASmuktamar (annual gathering) for focus on a welfare state, as they may otherwise sabotage PR's chances in the general election.
PAS secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali had last week stressed that hudud could not be imposed without due democratic process.
Mujahid, who is son of the late Yusof Rawa – a founding member and former PAS president – said Karpal's rejection has been consistent since the 1990s when the state enactment on the Islamic law was passed in Kelantan.
He stressed that Karpal's remarks were based on a legal perspective and PAS would address his concerns by explaining the principles of hudud.
"There are many ways to address it in an objective manner – through dialogues, debates and forums to both the Muslims and non-Muslims," he said.
He said it was also important to address the matter in the context of the Federal Constitution.

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