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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

PKR points to false claims in AIMST audit report

PKR today revealed excerpts of an audit report on the MIC-owned AIMST University, which it said shows that a company "cheated" the university to "enrich" several MIC leaders. 

NONEPKR national strategy and policy bureau secretary S Gobikrishnan said today the audit report showed that Jaya Café Holdings Sdn Bhd, which runs the AIMST cafeteria had, among others, submitted a "false claim" of RM90,000 for catering.

The report also showed that Jaya Café received a subsidy of up to RM1.97 million for student meals and housed its staff for free at AIMST's student apartments.

The reason for this special treatment, Gobikrishnan said, was the fact that Jaya Café is not only owned by Penang MIC Youth leader J Dhinagaran but that its directors were "nominees" of two other MIC leaders. 

"Now, it is clear why privileges and preferential treatment were accorded to Jaya Café Holdings. It was a company set up by (the MIC leaders) to benefit immorally from such a profitable cafeteria contract," Gobikrishnan told a press conference. 

Malaysiakini is withholding the names of the other MIC leaders pending their response.

[More to follow]

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