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Monday, July 30, 2012

PAS links cost actress-singer tudung contract

Popular actress-singer Abby Abadi alleged that her contracts as a spokesperson for a tudung company has been terminated because of her involvement with PAS.

"On July 4 July my contract as a spokesperson for their company was terminated officially.

"I accept this with an open heart and I apologise (to them) for my involvement with Pakatan Rakyat," she wrote in her Twitter account this morning.

NONEWhen met last week, Abby (left) who is becoming more active on the PAS ceramah circuit told Malaysiakini that being a PAS member is her way of getting closer to Islam. 

The decision, she said, was not a 'political hijrah' as perceived by many but came by chance.

"I have never thought of using the term ‘political hijrah’ because I started to get involved with them (PAS) by accident," said Abby when met after a breaking fast event in Shah Alam.

She added that the decision to cover her hair and relearning Islam was made way before she became a PAS member.

"This hidayah (divine signal) was revealed to me before I became a PAS member," she said.

Drawn to PAS’s Islamic struggle

Abby, now in her 30s, used to be with a popular girl band Elite and had gained popularity acting in the police teleseries Gerak Khas.

She is among the latest celebrities to join PAS, in what seems to be an aggressive recruitment drive by the party to attract personalities from the entertainment industry.

Others recruited to the party include singer Aishah and lyricist and comedian Bob Lokman.

Abby submitted her PAS life time membership application form last July 19 directly to PAS spiritual guide Nik Aziz Nik Mat in Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Abby said she was initially invited by PAS to speak on her personal transformation as a Muslim woman who now wears a tudung.

"I was initially invited to speak on my hijrah experience," she said. 

Eventually, she decided to join PAS because of the party struggle that is aligned to Islam.

"I see that PAS is championing the religion. So I joined them because I think that it would be good for the religion," she said.

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