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10 APRIL 2024

Thursday, November 29, 2012

'CHANGED' UMNO: Reject Opposition to STOP LIBERAL THINKING from taking root

'CHANGED' UMNO: Reject Opposition to STOP LIBERAL THINKING from taking root
KUALA LUMPUR-- Several young Umno leaders feel that the emergence of various ideologies based on secular liberal thinking and contravened Islamic teachings can be thwarted by rejecting the opposition.
Puteri Umno vice-chief Shahanim Mohd Yusoff said the opposition promised to grant and allow everything because they underestimated the intellectual level of the people without taking into account the adverse consequences to the country.
She said it was feared that the opposition might allowed the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual (LGBT) community and accord religious freedom to Muslims.
"But we cannot leave the matter to the government alone. What is our action as Muslims? Our objection can be translated by rejecting the opposition in the next general election and silent the willful voices," she told Bernama here.
Umno deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who spoke at the simultaneously opening of the Wanita Umno, Youth and Puteri general assemblies, slammed the opposition for allegedly subscribing ultra-racist politics, deviant ideologies and dividing the people for want of power.
Shahanim said in Umno, individuals who tried to weaken the position of Islam would be rejected because the party placed Islam uppermost in its agenda.
"We are not making uncalled for promises, including belittling the position of Islam in our quest to gain votes," he added.
Umno Youth executive committee member Shafiqurrahman Shamsudin said Malaysians had been living in peace and harmony based on the Islamic values assimilated and practiced by the BN government since independence.
He said the opposition's action in giving credence to various ideologies which were abhorred by Islam was intended to attract a handful of supporters to their cause.
"Although the number of those who subscribe to the ideologies is small but by endorsing such practice, they may be able to spread the wayward ways," he said, adding that liberalism should not be allowed to flourish for it promotes religious co-existence.
Another Umno Youth executive committee member, Datuk Muhammad Khairun Aseh said he was confident the people, including the younger generation, were wise and would reject deviant ideologies.
"The Malays can now see the true colour of the opposition whose weaknesses are so obvious," he said.

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