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10 APRIL 2024

Friday, November 30, 2012

Negeri Sembilan will remain under BN

Pakatan Rakyat is wrong in claiming that it can take over the state in the next general election, says a state Umno leader
KUALA LUMPUR: Jelebu Umno deputy chief Jalaluddin Alias today bashed the opposition for claiming that Negeri Sembilan government will be led by the opposition pact after the 13th general election (GE13), saying that the state will continue to be governed by Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN).
He said this was because Negeri Sembilan Umno and BN had many leaders and stalwarts who were fully prepared to face the GE13 and ensure big victory to the existing government, including Menteri Besar Mohamad Hasan, who is also Negeri Sembilan Umno chairman, who will lead Negeri Sembilan Umno election machinery in the GE13.
“Just wait and see. When these leaders and stalwarts make their moves in the GE13, there’s no doubt that Umno and BN will retain power in Negeri Sembilan with a much bigger majority,” he said when debating the motion on president’s policy speech at the 2012 Umno General Assembly here today.
Jalaluddin also expressed confidence that the young voters in the state would support Umno despite the opposition’s efforts to lure them to demand for irrelevant changes and emulate the uprising in Egypt.
Just like other speakers, Jalaluddin also rapped PAS, which supposedly represented the Malays and Islam, for refusing to make peace with Umno for the sake of the Muslims.
“PAS labels Umno as apostate and cruel to the people. Is it cruel to bring development, create jobs and give aid to the people?
“PAS leaders have done nothing but talk. If Umno, like Israel, kills, rapes and steals from over 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza, then they can say it’s cruel,” he added.

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