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Friday, November 30, 2012

Right on cue, Umno regurgitates May 13 script

YOURSAY 'As a non-Malay, I will not afraid of 513 (May 13), but I afraid of the possibility that BN will continue to govern this country.'

Shahrizat to Malays: Unite or lose political power

your sayVgeorgemy: Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, everyone knows May 13 happened just because Malays felt that there were no political parties or leaders in the opposition parties to protect their interest.

The current situation is entirely different as we have in Pakatan Rakyat more capable Malay leaders than Umno. So the Malays are no longer feeling under threat and resort to May 13-type of mayhem.

Mushiro: The Malays should ask why are they in this predicament after 54 years of Umno rule? Why are they being made to feel like a refugee in their own country?

It is obvious that all the Umno leaders have been traitors to the Malay cause and have been busy stealing money and enriching themselves.

Tell me which Umno leader is not super rich? It is time the Malays should choose a different set of Malays - Malays who are capable, honest and hardworking and willing to sacrifice and improve for the Malay cause.

OMG!!: Who gives Umno the absolute monopoly of the country's political powers? Simple mathematics will tell you that the non-Malays are incapable to wresting control of the government.

If Umno lost, it only means that more Malays are united under PKR and PAS.

Faz: Of course, racial riot will occur because when Umno loses power, Umnoputras will initiate it.

They will be hoping that the chaos will bring in emergency rule again and their political interests remain intact. Tough luck guys, we, the ordinary rakyat will catch the troublemakers, with or without the police.

Swipenter: Same old verbal diarrhea from Umno year in year out. Implicit in their verbal diarrhea are threats of violence against the non-Malays.

Malaysians want clean, good, fair, transparent and corrupt-free governance. We are all fed up with the excesses of Umno.

Kgen: Are there are no Malays in Pakatan? As for Malays losing political power, isn't Umno supposed to share political power with MCA, MIC, Gerakan and the rest?

Oh I forgot, they are just powerless lackeys used as window dressing. What Shahrizat really means is that Malays will lose absolute political power in favour of real power-sharing which is not a farce.

Multi Racial: She wants the Malays to unite or otherwise lose political power. If Pakatan wins, Malay representatives will still be the majority. The prime minister and deputy prime minister will still be Malay. Tell me what power the Malays will lose?

The truth is if Malays continue to put BN in power then people like Shahrizat and her colleagues in Umno, MCA and MIC can continue to milk this country dry. So my fellow Malaysians, it is for you to judge.

Do you want corruption to continue and the racists to hold on to power? If your answer is ‘yes', then vote BN. But if you say ‘no" to corruption and racism, it is time to vote for change.

Yeah!!: As a non-Malay, I will not afraid of 513 (May 13), but I afraid of the possibility that BN will continue to govern the country. The damage will be higher compare to 513.

Pemerhati: Shahrizat, a constitutional Malay of Indian ancestry, like her mentor Dr Mahathir Mahathir who is also a constitutional Malay of Indian ancestry, is using the old strategy of using the race card to get the votes of the relatively simple native Malays so as to remain in power and plunder the country on a massive scale.

The Malays should realise that by voting for Pakatan they will also get roughly the same number of Malay and non-Malay representatives in the new government, but this time men and women who are honest, smart and non-corrupt.

This will result in the elimination of the massive theft by BN. The better quality of people in leadership positions in the new Pakatan government would result in an extra RM52 billion to spend annually for the benefit of the people, and together with their better policies there should be a dramatic improvement in the standard of living for all.

Onyourtoes: This is to be expected, what else can a party devoid of ideas and leaders corrupted to the core do or say in the face of mounting meltdown.

Malaysians have given Uumo unfettered power for the past 50 years, including during the tumultuous years of Sarawak CM Stephen Kalong Ningkan, when Singapore was part of the federation, and after May 1969 when BN was formed, and when after Anwar Ibrahim was sacked.

But what did Umno do? They schemed and plundered unashamedly, arrogantly and rampantly.

What credential has Shahrizat got to talk about sustaining Malay power for the good of the Malays? So that she can have more NFCs (national feedlot corporations) and more millions?

Just Me: Instead of using the May 13 threat, why don't Umno try to govern the country better?

Quigonbond: Malays will remain the majority population in this country. If they don't vote Umno, they have other Malay-majority parties to vote.

Malays unsettled? Hardly the case. If at all, Umno will be unsettled - any racial riot will be caused by Umno and no one else. If police have balls, they should investigate Shahrizat for sedition or incitement. - Malaysiakini

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