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Friday, November 30, 2012

EVIL AFOOT: Dr M putting final touches to BIG TROUBLE pre & post GE13?

Those of the faith and the superstitious are both agreed that the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM) on a window pane from Oct 8 at the Sime Darby Medical Centre (SDMC) in Subang Jaya was, in retrospect, an ominous portent of things to come, and probably heralding a situation which would get a whole lot worse before getting better. And this is also written all over the face of former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. It spells BIG TROUBLE!

The visitation, read together with Cambridge University physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking's long-held observation that "the only predictable property of the universe is chaos", does not portend too well for the immediate future in Malaysia's politics especially with a General Elections around the corner.

There are as yet no indications when the long-awaited 13th General Elections will be held, fuelling suspicions that more than some serious mischief-making might be afoot on the part of the beleaguered ruling Barisan National (BN) coalition.

One theory making its way along the political grapevine is that Umno has surreptitiously entered 300, 000 illegal immigrants in the electoral rolls in seats lost by small margins to Pakatan Rakyat, the Opposition Alliance.

Umno’s Department of Dirty Tricks under Opposition scrutiny

The party's Department of Dirty Tricks reportedly swung into action on the phantom voters the moment former Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was hounded out of office by his immediate predecessor Mahathir. What Badawi refused to do at Mahathir's bidding, Prime Minister Mohd Najib Abdul Razak has been more than willing to carry out in order to keep his head and his job. Mahathir is a specialist in padding the electoral rolls with illegal immigrants, having engineered the same heinous feat in Sabah over ten years to drive the Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) from power.

What Mahathir took ten years to achieve in Sabah is being done in Peninsular Malaysia in less than four years.

One reason is that at 87 years, time is not on Mahathir side. He wants to put his son, Mukhriz, at least in the Deputy Prime Minister's chair before the grim reaper comes for him to fetch him for the devil to whom he has long sold his wretched soul in emulating Adolf Hitler's anti-Semitic programs, via administrative laws, for use against non-Muslims particular in every aspect of life. The Muslim underclass suffered as well since opportunities meant for them didn't come their way as widely trumpeted by government media and the sycophant mainstream media.

Mukhriz has been charged with ensuring that no one incarcerates his father in his last days, drives him into exile in his native Kerala in southwest India, or becomes mincemeat in the hands of historians or a vengeful government and mainstream media. Mahathir knows that too many people, and still not enough, are thirsting for his blood.

Mahathir setting the stage for massive electoral fraud

Already, to set the stage and prepare public opinion, Mahathir is claiming that the Opposition will cry foul when they lose the next General Election. Najib meanwhile is hysterically stepping up the hype almost on a daily basis, making empty announcement after announcement, to mask his party's nefarious plans to cheat its way back to Putrajaya for yet another eternity. Umno politicians are beating the drums of war and claiming that, thanks to Najib's "sterling performance in office", the party stands poised to win back its long-held and abused two-third majority in Parliament.

BN might be planning to indulge in massive electoral fraud not only to win back the Opposition-ruled states but also to regain the coveted two-third majority in parliamentarians to resume its favourite practice of gerrymandering of the electoral boundaries. It's gerrymandering coupled with Opposition disunity, the abuse of the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA), strangle-hold on the mainstream media, abuse of government media and machinery, and fraudulent use of postal, civil service and Felda votes which has kept the BN 55 years in power.

The Opposition is unlikely to take any attempts at even more brazen attempts at electoral fraud lying down, especially any sinister move to take away their strongholds in Kelantan, Kedah, Penang and Selangor and prevent them regaining Perak lost in Umno machinations involving corrupt legislators and an even more morally bankrupt Istana.

For starters, they have their logistics network in place to forcibly prevent any attempt by Umno to bus in phantom voters to the polling stations and/or ferry them around from booth to booth. However, there would be problems for the Opposition if the Election Commission, police and army are in cahoots with each other to protect phantom voters and ensure they vote for BN. Indeed, even violence cannot be ruled out if Opposition supporters conclude that they are being robbed of victory.

Next GE may see a replay of 1969 nullification of Opposition victories

Any violence would only play into the hands of Umno which would not hesitate to call off the GE and declare a state of emergency as in May 1969 when supporters of the Opposition and Umno turned on each other and precipitated race riots which drew the Malay Regiment into supporting one side. Ironically, it was Najib's father Abdul Razak who emerged with blood on his hands in 1969, along with Mahathir and Selangor Menteri Besar Harun Idris, the two other conspirators in a tragedy which still continues to haunt Malaysians.

Adding fuel to the rumour mills is Najib's open admission not so long ago, upon returning from a trip to London, that he "can easily do what his father did -- i. e. declare emergency, call off the General Elections and suspend Parliament -- but would not do it". The fact that Najib is even thinking about it is telling in more ways than one. It remains to be seen whether history would repeat itself all over again.

Clearly, the Opposition cannot afford to meekly allow the Sword of Damocles to plunge into its head while it dilly rallies at untying the Gordon Knot to claim Putrajaya. Like Alexander the Great in history, poised at the western gates of Asia, the Opposition needs to cut through the Gordon Knot with one mighty blow of the sword. Any other measure would not work.

Opposition needs to take firm stand on electoral fraud

For starters, the Opposition needs to take a firm standing in public on the alleged 300, 000 phantoms in the electoral rolls in Peninsular Malaysia.

Keeping on the better safe than sorry side, it should demand iron-clad assurances from the EC and proof that the electoral rolls are squeaky clean.

Alternatively, in the ashes of defeat, it must resign itself to turning Dataran Merdeka into another Tahrir Square, unless it wants to fast forward and unleash a People's Revolution before what may turn out to be a suicidal GE for it. When the electoral process fails, as in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria in recent months, a People's Revolution is the only way to change a government which refuses to go quietly.

The Opposition needs to take firm and concrete steps to ensure that it doesn't suffer the tragic fate of Joseph Pairin Kitingan and PBS in 1994 and the Opposition in 1969.

Equally important, perhaps even more, Mahathir and all those who have blood on their hands must not be allowed to escape the punishment that awaits them in this world for their heinous crimes against their victims, the people, and the nation in the eyes of the Almighty.

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