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Friday, November 30, 2012

Umno paints bleak scenario to cow rivals ahead of polls

Najib’s call for progressiveness failed to make it into the second day of the Umno general assembly. — Reuters pic
KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 30 ― With polls just around the corner, the Umno general assembly today continued to see more Pakatan Rakyat-bashing as party delegates repeated the old chestnuts that anarchy and racial conflicts would destroy Malaysia should the opposition pact come to power.
Day two of the party’s main general assembly here witnessed delegates taking turns to discredit PR, criticising them for the purported lack of cohesion among their three member parties and accusing them of suppressing the Malays in the states they lead.
Although more reserved compared to the usual chest-thumping rhetoric typical of Umno’s past annual assemblies, debates today offered only a glimpse of the transformation that the party has professed to have undergone.
Instead, delegates focussed on PR’s failures and played the race card again in a bid to drive a wedge among their rivals.
Apart from the repeated calls for unity, the delegates also deviated from president Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s advice to surge forward, and continued to dwell on the past.
In his presidential address at the opening of the assembly yesterday, Najib had reminded Umno members that they were facing a more discerning and forward-thinking Malaysian electorate today.
The country’s sixth prime minister said voters now want to see what their leaders have to offer to better their future.
But, departing from this reminder, Johor delegate Datuk Samsol Bari Jamali laced his debate with accusations that the federal opposition pact’s culture of “extremism” would lead to racial and religious conflicts in Malaysia.
“PAS promotes religious extremism. DAP, on the other hand, preaches equality without respecting the rights of other races, while PKR brings this ideology of liberalism that would only lead to anarchy,” he told the over 2,000 delegates gathered at the Putra World Trade Centre here.
Samsol pointed out that during the country’s first general election, Umno had been willing to share power with MCA and MIC although the country’s Malays made up 80 per cent of the population.
“Is this an apartheid and racist like the opposition claims?
“In truth, they only know how to spew rhetoric here and there and create chaos in this country,” he said.

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